St. michael's church

views from the past.

A victorian view - now and then

We recently came across three photos of St. Michael’s taken before its restoration was started in 1896. So, as you will see in the slide show below, after each pre-restoration image  there is a photo of the church immediately after and, as it is now. The contrast between then and now could hardly be more complete! Apart from the windows and the top of the tower, the external exterior looks pretty similar. But what neither photo shows is the addition at the time of restoration of the side aisle on the north of the church. This has made a huge difference both inside and out.

As for the interior, ‘restoration’ is the wrong word. It is a complete transformation for which we can be immensely grateful to those who have gone before. Victorian restoration can be tasteless – even grim. But they have left Inkpen with a church for which the village can be justly proud.

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