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Inkpen Parish Council is the corporate trustee for the Inkpen Memorial Playing Field Trust. The IMPFT has its own website and this can be found at All bookings, events schedule etc. is available on the impft website.



The Bulletin
To download your copy of the latest Bulletin click here.

The Hungerford and Kintbury Ward news can be found here.

The Annual Parish Meeting for 2024 will be held at the Inkpen pavilion, 7:30 on April 29th. The agenda is available here.

The Circadian Rhythm
For millions of years life has been shaped by the world’s rhythmic shifts of night and day. Many living things including plants, animals and humans have Circadian Rhythms which are tailored to the daily and seasonal changes that occur as the Earth rotates and orbits.
These regular natural changes in light and temperature help living things respond to changes in their environment in ways that conserve energy, help them find food and allow them to grow and heal.

In humans and other mammals, the Circadian Rhythm controls many fundamental bodily functions including: sleep/wake patterns, core body temperature, the immune system, metabolism, hormones, cognitive function and reaction to stress. It also controls the biological clocks located in organs and glands throughout the body commanded by a ‘master clock’ in the brain. In humans this is called the suprachiasmatic nucleus.

In most adults and adolescents, the Circadian Rhythm operates on a cycle that is slightly longer than 24 hours. To maintain alignment with the 24-hour rotation of the Earth, the body’s master clock has to adjust by about 12 to 18 minutes every day. For this reason, it also reacts to environmental cues; the light and darkness cycle is the most important and powerful of these. This triggers the release of hormones in the brain and the delivery of chemical signals to body tissues allowing the master clock to time vital functions such as the conversion of food into energy, fluctuations in body temperature and regular sleep patterns. The biological clock in all animals is critical. It helps them anticipate and maximise feeding time and avoid predators and competition. Importantly, it also times the physiological readiness for mating and synchronises mating times. For hibernating animals like hedgehogs, changes in light and temperature also prepares them for winter. In other species preparation is needed for drought or migration.

In order for our native wild animal and bird populations to survive and thrive, it is essential to ensure that dark periods of the day are respected, and the Circadian Rhythm is not distorted by the use of unnecessary artificial light at night. This is particularly important for those often-invisible creatures at the bottom of the food chain: insects. More about them next month.

Kate Adams Tee and David Thomas in support of the North Wessex Downs ‘Dark Skies’ initiative.

Please give us a hand – Oak Trees in Inkpen
We need your help to measure oak trees. Measuring tree girths helps us to evaluate changes that have taken place in Inkpen and enable future researchers to evaluate the effect of climate change on tree growth and distribution. This is work of real value, be part of it. Go to to find out more

Pop-In-Cafe - Apr 4th and 18th
Sorry for any confusion caused by our entry in last month’s bulletin. The dates given were wrong (my fault). The café is always the first and third Thursdays of the month, so in April, that is the 4th and 18th and in May it’ll be the 2nd and 16th. Opening time is 10am till 12:30 and it’s at the Inkpen playing field pavilion. All are welcome. We have customers from 1 year old to 90+. Do bring a friend if you can. Choose from coffee, tea or hot chocolate (there’s even fruit squash or milk for our younger customers), and there’s biscuits and cake too.

As the name suggests, you can pop in at any time during opening hours and stay as long as you want. It’s all free, no obligations at all, although donations do help us cover out costs. Come and give us a try.

Going for a walk
If you want a breath of fresh air and some exercise, check out the Inkpen walks, but keep your distance from others, that's at least 6 feet apart in old money. If you feel that you should wear a face mask when outdoors, then checkout the design given on the News page.

On the news page this month there are a number of updates including from the Inkpen Primary School and pre-school, from the Playing field trust and Village Hall, and there's this months Police Report .

Climate change issues.
The IMPFT, the playing field trust, is in the process of installing solar panels and a key entry system. The trust, chaired by Brian Cox, is aware of the need to reduce its carbon footprint and is making what progress it can. The solar panels are clearly there to reduce the trust's reliance on fossil fuel energy, and to feed whatever extra is generated back into the grid. The key entry system is there to make sure energy is only consumed when the facilities are in use. Many of you are choosing to adopt private energy saving measures - the trust is focused on trying and do the same.

On a more global scale, England's hedgerows would stretch almost ten times around the Earth if lined up end to end. That's according to a new map - the most comprehensive to date - of these historic features of the landscape. We need to protect our hedgerows and the wildlife that relies on them. 

Ecologists hope that new data will lead to better protections for the much-loved lines of trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter for wildlife, and store large amounts of carbon. Laser scanning from the air reveals a total of 390,000 km of hedges. The South West boasts the most hedgerows, led by Cornwall. Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire are the counties with the least - excluding big urban areas.

We are depending on renewables to help us get to net-zero carbon emissions. If you'd like to see what contribution renewables are making on a daily basis, have a look here.

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Speeding in Inkpen
Please follow the link to find out what you can do to help. Click here.

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