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Inkpen Parish Council is the corporate trustee for the Inkpen Memorial Playing Field Trust. The IMPFT has its own website and this can be found at All bookings, events schedule etc. is available on the impft website.



The Bulletin
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The Hungerford and Kintbury Ward news can be found here.

This is a final call for all those wanting to join a group of amateurs interested in the night sky and astronomy. To make sure that you are signed up, please email We already have enough interest for this activity to be viable but a few more members would be very welcome. The first meeting will be 24th May, 7:30 at the Inkpen pavilion. Don’t miss out.
Darkness is a dwindling resource. As the amount of artificial light increases, total darkness threatens to disappear from our world. Darkness is fundamental to us and to the rest of the natural world.

People need on average 6 to 9 hours of sleep a night, and if you want to sleep well, you need darkness. Sleep also affects blood pressure and weight management.

Without darkness your body clock will not receive vital messages about the time of day, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. Irregular body clocks have been linked to many diseases, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes, depression and asthma. For us, darkness is a friend.

Most animals are much more sensitive than humans and can even sense light that is indistinguishable to the human eye. Many animals need darkness for protection when searching for food. If an animal does not dare search for food at the right time, its populations will shrink and it will eventually disappear. This is already happening.

Plants too require darkness to structure the rhythm of their vital functions. For anticipating the onset of winter, the amount of light is more reliable than changes in temperature. Whereas temperatures can fluctuate unpredictably, the amount of light decreases in a predictable way.

Darkness is as important as daylight. It is important to us all and to all things. Put off your lights when you don’t need them and save money, save electricity and help save the natural world.

Please give us a hand – Oak Trees in Inkpen
We need your help to measure oak trees. Measuring tree girths helps us to evaluate changes that have taken place in Inkpen and enable future researchers to evaluate the effect of climate change on tree growth and distribution. This is work of real value, be part of it. Go to to find out more

Get a spring in your step.
It’s spring and time to get out into the very fresh air, so come along, make the Pop-In Café your stop off point. We’re open on the first and third Thursdays of each month so that’s the 2nd and 16th of May, 6th and 20th of June. Stay for as long as you like and relax with a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. There’s always a selection of biscuits and much sought after cake(s). If you don’t know many people in Inkpen or want to meet up with a friend, then this is the place to come. The café is at the Inkpen playing field pavilion 10 am till 12:30pm. All are welcome.

Going for a walk
If you want a breath of fresh air and some exercise, check out the Inkpen walks, but keep your distance from others, that's at least 6 feet apart in old money. If you feel that you should wear a face mask when outdoors, then checkout the design given on the News page.

On the news page this month there are a number of updates including from the Inkpen Primary School and pre-school, from the Playing field trust and Village Hall, and there's this months Police Report .

Climate change issues.
The IMPFT, the playing field trust, is in the process of installing solar panels and a key entry system. The trust, chaired by Brian Cox, is aware of the need to reduce its carbon footprint and is making what progress it can. The solar panels are clearly there to reduce the trust's reliance on fossil fuel energy, and to feed whatever extra is generated back into the grid. The key entry system is there to make sure energy is only consumed when the facilities are in use. Many of you are choosing to adopt private energy saving measures - the trust is focused on trying and do the same.

On a more global scale, England's hedgerows would stretch almost ten times around the Earth if lined up end to end. That's according to a new map - the most comprehensive to date - of these historic features of the landscape. We need to protect our hedgerows and the wildlife that relies on them. 

Ecologists hope that new data will lead to better protections for the much-loved lines of trees and shrubs that provide food and shelter for wildlife, and store large amounts of carbon. Laser scanning from the air reveals a total of 390,000 km of hedges. The South West boasts the most hedgerows, led by Cornwall. Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire are the counties with the least - excluding big urban areas.

We are depending on renewables to help us get to net-zero carbon emissions. If you'd like to see what contribution renewables are making on a daily basis, have a look here.

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Speeding in Inkpen
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