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Annual Parish Meeting, Parish Council Chairman's Report for 2023 can be found here.

A List of Councillors and the Archive of Minutes and agendas of meetings can be found
here. Also, the register of Councillor's interests, Council financial reports, Code of Conduct, and application forms for village group grants are available here.

Inkpen Parish Council Meetings:
The Parish Council meeting of the 27th November has been cancelled. Planning meetings are arranged to meet target dates set by West Berkshire Council. Council meetings are all advertised on the village notice boards and the Agenda and Draft Minutes placed on this official Parish website.  Gloria Keene, Clerk to Inkpen Parish Council Mobile 07704 718475 Email:

Parish Council
20th Nov 2023 Agenda
Previous meeting
11th Oct 2023
Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
Inkpen Parish Council met on 11th October at St Michael’s Church parish room, by kind permission of the Churchwarden, - those present were: Councillor Bates, Chairman, Councillors Corne (Chairman of Planning), Durham, Lester and Thomas. The Ward Member, Councillor Vickers was also present.

Parish Council Report
issued by our ward members is available here.

Inkpen Annual Parish Meeting:
The Inkpen Annual Parish Meeting was held on Tuesday 25th April 2023 – this is an annual meeting as advertised on the notice boards and website, when Councillors meet residents in the Parish to review the activities over the past year and respond to questions. A copy of the reports on activities of the Parish Council and the Inkpen Memorial Playing Field Trust, for which the Parish Council is both the Corporate and Custodian Trustees, are placed on this website for reference following the meeting.

Speeding and changes in the Highway Code:
Speeding continues to be a problem in all rural areas including Inkpen. WBC will be carrying out some monitoring in Inkpen  shortly. Please keep your speed down and be alert to the wildlife, dog walkers, children going to school, older residents, ramblers and horses that are also using the road.

Planning Applications considered by Councillors:
23/02242 Meadowbank, Lower Green: demolition of existing outbuilding to the side of the house and the construction of single storey extension with a garden wall elevation forming the proposed roadside elevation to the extension. Introduction of dormer windows to existing attic rooms.

Planning applications for consideration are:
23/02373 Land West of Ivy House, Post Office Rd. to erect an agricultural barn with solar array for storage of agricultural machinery and materials. 23/02324 The Briars, Heads Lane; Front single storey extension, rear two storey extension, internal alterations.

Planning decisions confirmed by West Berkshire Council:
23/01874/COND Foxglove Farm, Great Common, Inkpen: Application for approval of details reserved by condition 7 (Waste storage and disposal) of approved
12/02092/FUL – New all-purpose barn. Withdrawn.
23/00883- 6 Ingles Edge, Inkpen: Construction of rear single storey extension and formation of rear dormer. Granted.
23/01475 Ivy House: Demolish existing single storey side extension. Propose ground floor rear/side extension, first floor side extension and internal alterations. Granted - with conditions to minimise impacts on biodiversity and protected species ie Habitats & Species Regulations 2010
23/01980/COND Walbury Cottage: Conditions approved SUDS; Materials; 
23/00369/FUL Landscaping Plan of planning application
Details of the above applications can be viewed on the West Berks. Council website – the link is

All planning applications can be viewed on the West Berkshire Council website:

Litter Heroes:
Congratulations to all those litter heroes that spoke up on Facebook last month – the parish and the village are grateful for all the litter that you pick up and remove from the lovely Inkpen countryside. We need more ‘litter picking heroes’ to keep our roads and streets free from the rubbish dropped by others. If you need equipment for pick up, please let the parish clerk know. Fly tipping is illegal and please report anyone dumping waste to West Berkshire Council. If you spot a problem with litter in a public place please report to:

Riparian Ditches:
More work is needed to clear the ditches on the roadside. If the ditch borders your property, then you are the ‘riparian landowner’ who is responsible for the watercourse and drainage to channel water and prevent flooding. There needs to be a clear passage for water to flow and pass along without flooding. Please make sure the ditch is clear and will not cause flooding to occur to you or your neighbour.

West Berkshire Local Plan Review 2022-2039 -delayed until 2024
The Council wrote to the Planning Inspector requesting additional time to respond to preliminary questions about the Local Plan review. Unlike many other councils, who delayed their Local Plans pending proposed planning changes, by Government, West Berkshire Council submitted the review for Examination. The Inspector has now agreed to delay inspection until 2024. Watch this space. Let’s hope they include solar panels next time, erected on public buildings and car parks, to avoid using valuable agricultural land and green fields.

Roadside hedgerows are the responsibility of the landowner and if you have hedge bordering the roadside, please ensure that it does not affect visibility for drivers and avoids reducing the narrow road for passing cars. We value all our hedges and should avoid cutting in the nesting season from March to August; please check first if you have nesting birds.

Farming/Hedgerows and Climate Change
A new report will be launched in December highlighting the importance of hedgerows in the countryside and their vital contribution to the effects of climate change; a year-round habitat for nesting and hibernation and an abundance of plant life, insects, birds and other wildlife. Hedgerows are characteristic of Inkpen ref. Inkpen Village Design Statement.

Flooding of Roadside Ditches
We are already experiencing areas of flooding in Inkpen where work is needed to clear the ditches on the roadside. If the ditch borders your property, you are the Riparian Ditch landowner’ who is responsible for the watercourse and drainage, to channel water to prevent flooding. The ditches must not be used for dumping rubbish or fallen trees. Full details and a leaflet on Riparian ditches is available are on the WBC website:

Cost of living support for pensioners through Household Support Fund
WBC is also £200k to four local charities to help pensioners with the significantly rising costs of living. Available via the Household Support Fund, which is provided by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). his funding forms part of a bigger grant of £694k received during the pandemic to support vulnerable households most in need of help with rising living costs and free school meal vouchers (with pensioners among those likely to be most affected, some of the grant stipulates that money needs to be set aside specifically for residents of pensionable age).

Ash dieback
Ash dieback is prevalent across most of West Berkshire. With nearly 10,000 ash trees across the district, an annual summer survey is carried out to monitor the Ash population and, where trees are identified as needing work, this is then carried out. If you are concerned about an Ash tree or group of trees, please contact WBC.

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.
Please help the Parish Council to keep the playing field free from harmful litter and plastic waste. Every little helps to keep the area clean and tidy for all to enjoy.

Conservation Area Appraisal:
The Parish Conservation Area appraisal was discussed at the Parish Council meeting to update and identify special areas and those of historic interest of the conservation area is required in conjunction with the Inkpen History Group. This appraisal details what makes an area special and will guide the character and appearance of development in the area and inform the determination of planning applications.

Bedwyn Trains Passenger Group:
The Paddington direct IET off-peak services are permanently being axed from May and replaced by diesel shuttle services to Newbury. It represents a significant downgrading of the train services from Kintbury & Hungerford to possibly as few as two direct London services a day and at other times the very real prospect of being stranded at Newbury for an hour when the evening connection back fails. If you use the local rail service and wish to know more, please contact Steve Smith and be added to the email list:

Mobile Library Dates:
14th November 2023; 16th January 2024; 6th & 27th February 2024 and 19th March 2024. The mobile van stops at: Craven Rd. Inkpen 2.20-2.50pm and at Inkpen School at 3.05 – 4pm. Please visit the library as we are lucky the service has continued to be supported by West Berkshire Council.

Land Grabbing in Inkpen:
There have a few cases notified recently to the Parish Council where residents seek to extend their garden curtilage into the Inkpen open countryside/paddock land. Inkpen is located within the AONB and conserving the open landscape and scenic beauty is of paramount importance – any development needs to respect and enhance the character and appearance of the area. All applications for extension of the curtilage requires planning permission and must be referred to West Berkshire Council. Any incidents of encroachment will be notified to West Berkshire Council for investigation and enforcement. Effective planning enforcement is important to maintain public confidence and to ensure that we ‘enhance and conserve’ the open aspect of the Inkpen countryside for the enjoyment of all residents and visitors to the area.

Fire Safety
The Royal Berkshire Fire & Rescue Service (rbfrs) has recently updated its website ( ) with fire safety content and gives handy hints on what to do in an emergency situation – we all hope it will never happen but if a fire starts in your home, you need to know what to do – it could save your life ! Don’t investigate the fire or try to tackle it; dont look for valuables, jewellery, documents, photographs or whatever; only open the doors you need to; crawl out if there is smoke – smoke is poisonous and can kill and keep low where the air is cleaner. Call 999 and don’t go back in leave it to the professional fire and rescue service.

Thames Valley Police
Thames Valley Police are keen for your help in reporting any areas where you feel unsafe in the District. There is a new pilot service called StreetSafe hosted via the Met Police website where issues can be reported. StreetSafe is a service for anyone to anonymously tell the police about public places where you have felt, or feel unsafe, because of environmental factors e.g. vandalism and/or because of certain behaviours e.g. being followed or verbally abused.

Please make reports via the following link: StreetSafe | Metropolitan Police (see at the end the home page where is says: ‘No – Continue to StreetSafe’) Please note that StreetSafe is not a replacement for reporting crime or incidents this should still be done via 101 or online.

Fly tipping:
Fly tipping has not ceased & is illegal: the trees in Folly Rd. are covered by a Tree Protection Order and are in danger of disease affecting the roots due to decomposing vegetation. Please help to protect the environment by not fly-tipping and disposing of waste responsibly. Fly-tipping is a serious criminal offence. Cases of fly-tipping need to be reported to the local authority.

New Government Planning Policies:
New requirements have been set out by Government in the updated and published NPPF 2021 (National Planning Policy Framework) and in the new National Model Design Code documents, which sets out that new development needs to reflect local character, as well as protecting and enhancing the environment and mitigate climate change. Improvements to biodiversity should also be integrated into design. Development, which is not well designed or fails to reflect local character/design is liable to be refused. Permission should be refused for major development within the AONB other than in exceptional circumstances. An important insertion is the contribution that trees make to the character and quality of the environment. For reference

Dog Warden:
If anyone has issues with dog fights, dog fouling etc etc. the Public Protection Partnership has arranged for the animal warden to be contacted on 01635 519171 to discuss specific issues or problems that you may have.

Gloria Keene - Clerk to Inkpen Parish Council. Mobile 07704 718475. Email:

The agendas and minutes of past council meetings, financial information, details of the council Code of Conduct, register of Interests of councillors, grant application forms etc. can be found here.

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