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Annual Parish Meeting Agenda for 2021 can be found here.

Parish Council Report issued by our ward members is available here.

Planning Applications agreed by WBC  this month were:
21/01484 Leyfield, Upper Green - replacement dwelling and associated works. Previous planning application
21/00233/FUL was withdrawn; revised plans have now been submitted for consideration by WBC;
21/01745/FUL Walbury Cottage, Upper Green awaiting a decision - removal of existing dwelling and garage. Erection of replacement dwelling and garage with associated parking turning, landscaping, private amenity space and access; 21/02143 No 5 Great Common – Ground floor rear and side extension with internal alterations- demolition of existing conservatory, first floor rear extension & ground floor front extension.

Planning Application granted by WBC:
21/01614 at No. 4 Haslewick, Upper Green- single storey rear extension, internal alterations and associated works to include new enclosed porch to front elevation.

Planning Application refused by WBC:
21/00164 New Mill, Inkpen – proposed boiler folly building, the siting of six underground gas tanks, and new access track.

All planning details and reports can be found on the WBC website

New Government Planning Policies:
New requirements have been set out by Government in the updated and published NPPF 2021(National Planning Policy Framework) and in the new National Model Design Code documents, which sets out that new development needs to reflect local character, as well as protecting and enhancing the environment and mitigate climate change. Improvements to biodiversity should also be integrated into design. Development, which is not well designed or fails to reflect local character/design is liable to be refused. Permission should be refused for major development within the AONB other than in exceptional circumstances. An important insertion is the contribution that trees make to the character and quality of the environment. For reference

Speeding Vehicles:
All Parish Councils have been offered the opportunity to use the SID (Speed Indicator Device) which monitors the speed of passing traffic/vehicles. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer SID operator, please let the Parish Clerk (contact details below) know of your interest i.e Name, Address, Email, contact phone number. Volunteers will be offered on-line training by WBC and the equipment can be loaned and set up on those roads which have experienced passing fast vehicles. If you have incidents to record, please make the Parish Clerk aware.

Changes to the local bus services:
From Monday 31st August there will be some changes to the local bus services in West Berkshire- timetables for routes operating in Newbury and surrounding areas will change. Please check the WBC website or the bus operators.

Dog Warden:
If anyone has issues with dog fights, dog fouling etc etc. the Public Protection Partnership has arranged for the animal warden to be contacted on 01635 519171 to discuss specific issues or problems that you may have.

Defibrillator Awareness in September:
Please contact the Parish Clerk for a session on awareness in using the defibrillator at the Inkpen pavilion for a session to be organised in September. You can significantly increase someone’s chance of survival – it’s a life saving device located at the Inkpen pavilion, that can be used for both adults and children over 1 year old.

Inkpen Parish Council meetings:
These are advertised on the village notice boards and on the official village website in advance of the meeting.
The draft minutes of all meetings are recorded here.

Fly tipping:
At the request of a resident who has picked up rubbish dumped on the roadside, please remember that fly tipping is illegal. If you see anyone fly tipping, please take the car registration number and report directly to West Berkshire Council. Streetcare will remove the dumped rubbish if it is on the roadside but if dumped on private land the landowner is responsible for the removal. Report to Streetcare: Use this email address to also notify of pot holes.

The agendas and minutes of past council meetings, financial information, details of the council Code of Conduct, register of Interests of councillors, grant application forms etc. can be found here.

defibrillator awareness

If you can't attend the Inkpen training event, visit the St. John's Ambulance website.

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It is down to us to see how we can make a difference individually and as a community.

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