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Planning applications

Planning applications recorded this month by West Berkshire Council (WBC);
20/00882/House, Copse View, Folly Rd – enlargement of front gable & construction of 3 front and 2 rear dormer windows – Refused by WBC Planning Section.
New Mill planning applications are pending further investigation by WBC and amended planning details for the cumulative effect on landscape and the surrounding area. This follows significant local representation and the Parish Council request to look at the total number of applications and not individually in isolation. The majority of the previous applications for New Mill fall within the
Kintbury boundary for decisions by Kintbury Parish Council, with Inkpen as an adjacent parish.

New planning application for consideration
As an adjacent Parish - 20/01338 Hell Corner Farm, Kintbury - change of use from agricultural to domestic. Proposed two storey extension to house, demolition of outbuilding. New double garage/car port and driveway. All planning applications can be viewed on the West Berkshire Council website

Misinformation circulating in the village:
In order to correct some misinformation, it is important that residents are aware that the views expressed on planning applications by Inkpen Parish Council are those representing the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty within which we live. Further, the desire to protect the countryside by restricting development plans that represent a disproportionate enlargement, take account of wildlife heritage sites, wildlife, historic conservation areas and must concur with government planning legislation (NPPF) and the local authority local planning strategies. Local residents’ views are also taken into consideration. The final decision on all planning applications are the responsibility of West Berkshire Council planning section and Inkpen Parish Council is only an ‘advisory’ consultee with no statutory powers.

Bird Nesting Season:
Thank you to all those who have resisted cutting down trees and hedges during the period of April to the end of August. Protection of the wildlife is very important. Sadly, the Forestry Commission grant ‘felling licences’ and place the onus on the landowner to ensure that consideration is given to habitats and species. This often allows felling to take place and is very upsetting to residents as so much of the wildlife and habitat is affected. Breech of the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 is a police matter as it is a criminal offence and should be reported.

Covid-19: During the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown period, a big ‘thank you’ to the army of volunteers who have supported residents and of course to the NHS, Emergency Services and All Key Workers.15 Inkpen Parish website ( contains all the latest information on the deadly Coronavirus, which is something that we are ALL going to have to live with until we have a vaccine. This pandemic affects all of us to stay safe and stay alert. It is extremely important that we all continue to observe good hygiene, social distancing and self-isolate and request a test if suffering any coronavirus symptoms. Although residents may start to feel more confident and spend more time outdoors, we encourage all residents to be considerate to others, keeping a 2 metre distance from others where possible – no large outdoor gatherings are allowed.

Level 3 Heatwave:
Temperatures rose at the end of June rose to a sweltering Level 3 heatwave and the effects can be harmful to health, particularly those with long term health conditions, the elderly and the young. Please therefore refrain from lighting bonfires and look out for neighbours when the heat is on. Bonfires: WBC are asking residents to think of others during this period of lockdown – please consider alternative disposal methods. Smoke and smell are a statutory nuisance under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. Animals: Please be aware of the hot weather and the exposure of animals in non-shaded fields. There have been reported cases of horses exposed in the hot sun in fields without shade or water.

Inkpen Parish Council virtual meetings
These are advertised on the village notice boards and on this website, in advance of the meeting. The next meeting has not been arranged due to Government advice not to hold public meetings and as always are subject to councillor’s availability.

All Councillors can be contacted via the Clerk, Gloria Keene, at Alternatively, Cllr. Mark Bates can be emailed directly at and Cllr. Simon Hanna at

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