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Hello, all
Another month has passed, and we enter winter proper. Where has this year gone?

Having sadly said goodbye to Tim Wood last month, the ministry team has come together to keep the show on the road. With the help of external clergy, we have managed to keep to a full-service roster, most notably last weekend with remembrance Sunday where all churches across the benefice were able to come together to pause, reflect, and remember.

Speaking of reflection, in the last month or so I have been given cause to really consider the cycle of life and renewal. On the 20th of October, my wife Natasha and I were blessed to receive our son, Henry into the world. Many people had tried to describe to us the joy of a child coming into your life, but no one could have prepared us for this.

Following hot on the heels of Henry’s arrival, my very much-loved Cocker Spaniel, Otta had a litter of beautiful little puppies. Needless to say, we have our hands full.

As I have considered all this new life around me and watched the leaves in the garden fall (lots of raking to be done), preparing for the end of one year and the coming of Spring after a cold of winter, I can’t help but draw an analogy with the current state of our benefice. As we work to come to the end of a period of uncertainty and upheaval, it is my prayer that we enter a time of rebirth and renewal in the coming year.

This prayer extends to all our community. The pandemic has been a time of great upheaval and I just pray, much like the fallen leaves around us, this time comes to an end and as we move into Advent, and the new year, we enter a much-needed time of renewal for us all.

Church Contacts

Benefice Administrator: Alex King, part-time at the Benefice Office – Tel. 01635 226 064; Email: wbboffice@gmail.com.
Inkpen: Gerald Atkinson (tel. 668375).
Combe: David Russell (tel. 668229), Katherine Astor (tel. 668284).

Inkpen graveyards on-line

For anyone wishing to view the details of Inkpen's graveyards, including burial details, grave stone inscriptions and the location of the graves, please click here.  Inkpen Burial, Marriage, Baptism and Birth records covering the period 1607 to 1837 can be found on the Inkpen history website, here.


At the time of writing, we can offer the full sequence of Christmas Services. So, on Sunday 19th we will have our Carol Service at 6.30. The Service will be introduced by Nick Freeman and led by the Village Carol Choir. But principally it's down to you to come and sing the well-known carols that are so much a part of Christmas. On Thursday 23rd at 4pm we have The Crib Service led by Gerald Atkinson who will be ably assisted by all the children who, with their families, come to what promises to be a most enjoyable as well as meaningful time.

Finally, we have our traditional two-part service on Christmas Day at 9.45am led as for the last two years by Revd. Patrick Whitworth. It starts with the Family Service which then after a break of five minutes or so leads into the Service of Holy Communion.

As always, the Church will be beautifully decorated and with the Christmas Tree, Crib and candles a-plenty it will look lovely. The Choir for the Carol Service already numbers in the mid-teens but if you would like to take part (especially if you are a bass) contact our choir master Andrew Cox on 01488 658985. Practices start on Tuesday 30th November. As far as any Covid restrictions are concerned, we will follow Government guidelines. At the moment the wearing of masks is a matter of choice and social distancing should be sensible.

Very many thanks indeed to all who have given to our Annual Church Appeal. The sum as it stands is £6,133 and please believe me when I say that without it our account for the year would go into the red. The Appeal is still open and if you would like to give, a cheque made payable to 'Inkpen P.C.C.' and sent to me at Laburnum, Heads Lane, Inkpen, Hungerford, RG17 9QS is the way to do it.

Staying on the subject of giving, the collection at the Remembrance Service last month, as always given to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, was £475 for which again, many thanks to the 70 or so who attended and to Major Simon Moseley who led the Service with such feeling.

As far as services for the New Year are concerned, the pattern is somewhat restricted by the fact that there is now no fully ordained priest in the Benefice. But services for January are stated and they represent the sequence we hope to maintain; an 8.30 Service of Holy Communion, a 9.45 Parish Communion, an evening service of Compline, Evensong or Service with a Difference with the fourth Sunday unfilled. Specifically, however, forthcoming services will be given in the Bulletin and advertised on the Benefice website which is given below.

Somehow, it's a bit hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner and we know that all is not well both with and in our world. But the message of the Angels at the first Christmas whether they sang it or not remains the same: 'Peace on earth and good will to all men'. On behalf of the Church community at St. Michael's may we wish you all blessings for a very Happy Christmas.

Gerald Atkinson.

church services

Sunday 5th: Traditional Holy Communion at 8.30am
Sunday 12th: Parish Communion at 9.45am
Sunday 19th: Carol Service at 6.30pm
Thursday 23rd: Crib Service at 4pm
Christmas Day: Family Service at 9.45am followed by Holy Communion

Sunday 2nd: Traditional Holy Communion at 8.30am
Sunday 9th: Parish Communion at 9.45am
Sunday 16th: Compline at 4pm
Sunday 30th: Service at Kintbury at 9.45am

Sunday 19th: Carol Service at 3pm
Christmas Day: Holy Communion at 11.15am

JANUARY 2022: Services to be determined.
All Services in the Benefice are on the Website which is www.walburybeaconbenefice.org.uk

catholic services

Our Lady of Lourdes, Priory Road, Hungerford RG17 0AF Parish Priest - Fr Zbigniew Budyn 01635 40332

Sunday Mass - every Sunday at 9.00am
Weekday Mass - every Wednesday at 10.00am
Christmas Day – 9.00am

For further information contact Paul Burrough 01488 668882 Mobile 07836 292976 Email paul.burrough@talktalk.net

A victorian view - now and then

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