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An Easter message from Tim Wood.

Into your hands.

Can you remember being that small child who climbs too far up the wall or too high up the climbing frame in the playground. Suddenly you become aware of how high you have climbed, realise your insecurity and call for help. An adult arrives with arms outstretched, encouraging you to jump or fall into their hands, and with some helpful words and gestures you let go and fall into the safety of the hands below.

In Psalm 31 the Psalmist expresses his trust and confidence in God with words such as rock and fortress, that he places his trust into God’s hands. He recognises a trust for life, a trust in times of distress and a trust in the face of death.

Those same words are on Jesus’ lips in Luke 23 vs 46. They have a slightly different and deeper meaning. What for the Psalmist had been a cry of deliverance from death becomes, for Jesus, a cry of confidence in the Father’s love. It was very much a cry of assurance, letting go into the Father’s hands.

As I write, the Government have delivered new guidance in relation to the Corona virus, advice aimed at protecting us and helping each of us in turn to protect others. God calls us to live out our lives in such a way that we are living out the kingdom of God, bringing something of the kingdom of God to others by the way we are.

I wonder if you know people in our community who may be lacking a bit of support just now and therefore, if they have to self-isolate may need a bit of help. If so, please use the slip below, either with your contact details or mine / Revd. Mark’s and pop it through their door. This will mean they have someone they can turn to if they are in a spot of bother …. Or become over concerned and wonder where to turn.

If blessed with our faith, we can remain positive even when things are not going well, if we can come alongside others and provide encouragement in their times of adversity, then dare I say that a glimpse of Christ may just be visible…… very importantly … not simply to us. For us stress and distress come in many forms; pressure of study, to succeed, in times of illness, lack of money, may be somewhere to live or to work. Psalm 31 encourages us to hold firmly onto what we know of God, and to allow him to hold onto us. Not in resignation or despair but because we know that, in and Through Christ, whatever may happen, we are secure.

Whether or not we are able to share the following words in worship together remains to be seen, but I share them with you now. Jesus Christ is risen – he is risen indeed – Alleluia!

With very best wishes for Easter. Tim

Church Contacts

Priest-in-Charge: The Revd. Mark Wilson – Tel. 01488 491105; Mob: 07935550838; Email: markajwilson1@gmail.com.
Associate Priest: The Revd. Tim Wood – Tel. 01488 669261; Mob: 07927352847; Email: revtimothywood@gmail.com.
Benefice Administrator: Deborah Wilson, part-time (Tues & Wed) at the Benefice Office – Tel. 01635 226064; Email: wbboffice@gmail.com. Churchwardens:
Inkpen:Peter Bell (tel. 668395), Gerald Atkinson (tel. 668375).
Combe: David Russell (tel. 668229), Katherine Astor (tel. 668284).


As all will know, advice from the Government was first of all that there should be no public worship - as the Archbishops of Canterbury and York put it, worship would have 'to stop for a season'. And now, as action to tackle the epidemic becomes more demanding, that many public places including churches should close. Unprecedented but essential.

So is there any news from St. Michael's? In one sense no. But the situation we are in serves to remind us that Christian belief and action are not just a matter of going to church. Rather that it is a matter of strengthening the link between us and our Maker in quiet reflection and prayer - an opportunity which enforced isolation also gives us at this time. Why not take it?

But perhaps this may not be everyone's cup of tea! So here is a suggestion which might be.

Candles are a symbol of hope. So why don't we in the village light them - say one in a window of each house every Sunday while the emergency lasts, for a couple of hours after dusk? As we do this, we are united in hope and that for us 'The light shone in the darkness and the darkness overcame it not.' What do you think?

catholic services

In line with Government instructions, Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Hungerford will be closed until further notice.  For further information, contact Paul Burrough 01488 668882, mobile 07836 292976 or email paul.burrough@talktalk.net.

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All Inkpen church services are suspended for the time being, in accordance with Government instructions.

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