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As I write, Harvest Festivals are in full swing, a time to give thanks for God’s continuing provision to us, and to recognise our part in the care of our natural world. We truly have enjoyed some glorious late summer / early autumn sunshine. How long will it last I wonder? Every day is a bonus and will make shorter days seem less in number.

Our changing seasons are amazing as our natural world heads now toward a time of rest, a time of restoration to prepare for what we hope next Springtime will bring.

The book of Ecclesiastes, chapter three tells us that there is a time for everything under the sun. When the word retirement first entered my thoughts several months ago now, I had a number of conversations to help guide my thinking and one of the questions I posed was “is there a best time to retire?”

Not so long ago, for many of us, not necessarily Clergy, our retirement date was set and on that birthday, everything changed. But now, whilst there remains a date at which state pensions will be paid, retirement is rather more fluid. In answer to my question came the response, “There is only the right time”.

Jane and I have considered ourselves most fortunate to live in a beautiful part of West Berkshire, enjoying a lovely vicarage. With this came some of the most stunning Churches in the Country and you, the people that care for them. It has certainly been a privilege to share in life’s journey with you, in every twist and turn that comes our way.

One of the wonders of looking after 7 Churches is the variety of worship that is offered and Covid, with it’s restrictions, widened our thinking, introducing Zoom services, both from our homes and our churches, together with some very special outdoor services, to enable us to meet and indeed to sing our wonderful hymns.

Change is never easy, but for everything there is a time and to us, it felt like we were here at the right time. We wish to thank you all for your love and support, for your generosity of Spirit in bearing with me when perhaps things were not quite as we might have wished or indeed prayed for. But above all we hope that you will know of Christ’s love and peace, of the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you move forward. I pray that that this time of change may bring positive renewal as the time for everything , that is indeed God’s time , unfurls.

With our very best wishes to you all

Rev’d Tim and Jane.

Church Contacts

Associate Priest: Until 17th October - The Revd. Tim Wood – Tel. 01488 669261; Mob: 07927352847; Email: revtimothywood@gmail.com.
Benefice Administrator: Alex King, part-time at the Benefice Office – Tel. 01635 226 064; Email: wbboffice@gmail.com.
Inkpen: Gerald Atkinson (tel. 668375).
Combe: David Russell (tel. 668229), Katherine Astor (tel. 668284).

Inkpen graveyards on-line

For anyone wishing to view the details of Inkpen's graveyards, including burial details, grave stone inscriptions and the location of the graves, please click here.  Inkpen Burial, Marriage, Baptism and Birth records covering the period 1607 to 1837 can be found on the Inkpen history website, here.


October sees the retirement of Revd. Tim Wood who came to us three years ago as his final post in which he shared the duties of priesthood in the Benefice. There was then no expectation at all that he would end up with total responsibility for running it, but that's how it turned out. He accepted this most arduous responsibility for the pastoral care and all that goes with it together with the stresses of emerging organizational change within the Benefice with a total commitment that has earned the admiration of many.

But he has done more than that. His transparent care and natural affection for others and his faith which clearly but undemandingly shone through were both an inspiration and comfort to many. And as his churchwarden I can vouch for the fact that his attention to detail was unrivalled - there were no crises!

So we can give thanks to Tim for his short but significant ministry and trust that he and his wife Jane can enjoy the less stressful retirement they most richly deserve. His final service is the Benefice Service in Enborne Church at 10.30 on Sunday 17th of this month. Needless to say, all are very welcome.

Moving on you will see from the fact that a Gift Envelope is enclosed in the Bulletin that October is also the month when we make our Appeal to the Village for financial support for the Church, the upkeep of the Churchyards or the Bulletin the final cost of which the Church shares with the Parish Council. So if you would like to donate please use the envelope which is enclosed and either wait for its collection during the first two weeks of October if it is marked in that way or send it to me at Laburnum Cottage, Heads Lane, Inkpen Common, Hungerford, RG17 9QS. And if it's a cheque, make it out to 'Inkpen PCC'.

Very many thanks for this. Principally because of the Pandemic our current account for last year showed a deficit which I guess will be repeated this year. But the church is your church and it is now open once again for you seven days a week from 9.30am to 4pm: the services for October at Inkpen and Combe are given below. So please use it as you feel so moved.

Gerald Atkinson. Churchwarden.

church services

Sunday 3rd: Traditional Holy Communion at 8.30am
Sunday 10th: Parish Communion at 9.45am
Sunday 17th: No Service at Inkpen but Benefice Service at Enborne at 10.30am
Sunday 24th: A Morning Service at 9.45am
Sunday 31st: Parish Communion at 9.45am

Sunday 24th Parish Communion at 11.15am Other Services in the Benefice are on the Website which is www.walburybeaconbenefice.org.uk

catholic services

Our Lady of Lourdes, Priory Road, Hungerford RG17 0AF Parish Priest - Fr Zbigniew Budyn 01635 40332

Sunday Mass - every Sunday at 9.00am
Weekday Mass - every Wednesday at 10.00am

For further information contact Paul Burrough 01488 668882 Mobile 07836 292976 Email paul.burrough@talktalk.net

A victorian view - now and then

The images of St. Michael's past and present are shown here

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