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Local news updates

For your latest local and regional news, as provided by the BBC, click here. Hungerford and area news can be found here.

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People should wear cloth face coverings in public places especially where social distancing measures are “difficult to maintain,” such as shops supermarkets and pharmacies, the CDC and WHO advises. Masks can be “fashioned from household items or made at home from common materials at low cost.” Surgical masks and N-95 respirators should not be used by the public, as these were “critical supplies that must continue to be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders.”

Wearing face coverings on public transport is to be compulsory in England from 15 June. There will be exemptions for young children. Those who don't comply may be stopped from travelling and passengers can be fined.

If it is appropriate to wear a mask you should still maintain a separation of 6 feet from others. Don’t remove the mask until you’re at home or in a place where you can wash your hands after safely removing the mask. When you do remove the mask, avoid touching the front outer part of it in case it is contaminated with Covid -19.

On removal, wash the mask thoroughly, then wash your hands, and disinfect with bleach or alcohol anything you touched after taking off the mask. Never re-use a mask without washing it first. If you can't wash the mask, discard it safely. More complete guidance from the CDC is given here.

Design plans for DIY face masks  can be found at

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COVID-19 information

The latest government guidance is given here.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a range of additional information covering all aspects of Covid-19 including what to do if you or a member of your family becomes infected. The link is here.

The Helpers List

A very big THANK YOU to all of our helpers for the amazing services they are providing and coordinating. This has made bearable the self-isolation that many are experiencing and has very much brought people in our village together. A really good news story.

For those still self-isolating and in need of help, here  is a list of neighbours kindly waiting to help you. Take your pick and give them a call.

Bell Lane
    Lucy Hutchinson – 07766 065447
    Nikki Pelissier – 07813 334907
Bridle Path and Heads Lane
    Clare Macinnes – 07973 878613
Craven Road
    Anna Bidwell – 07801 027262
    Claire Jones – 07808 773346
    Emma Wordsworth – 07785 292078 – 01488 668600
    Jane Atkey – 07796 716843
The Firs
    Helen Hanna – 07766 915865
Folly Road
    Brian and Nikki Cox – 07423 225426
    Clare Evans – 01488 668534 or 07786 691292
    Karl Prismall – 07879 883148
    Katie Rimmer – 07831 680058
    Pippa and Russ Jeffries – 07887 574112
Heads Lane
    Jane van Ammel - 07740 868536
    Nick Day - 01488 684105 or 07786 075502
    Sarah Marston  - 07976 221847
Post Office Road
    Alex Popplewell – 07834 570962
    Brian Gerhardt – 07787 500217
    Claire Loveridge – 07867 528926
    Ed Loveridge – 07879 472929
    Maxine and Phil Frazer-Reid – 07920 827888
    Phil Day – 07837 537542
    Sonya Donohoe – 07970 197843
Pottery Lane
    Jane Zollo – 07795 320900
The Sawmills
    Sarah Burton – 07949 238458
Trapps Hill
    Taj Woodgate – 07971 191263
Upper Green
    Dave Lester – 07816 177524
    Maridi Baker – 07976 575858
Lawrence Mead, Kintbury
    Jelena Golinska – 07930 424547

For those with just a telephone or those needing a different type of help than that provided by the helpers, you can call Inkpen 75 74 71. This is just a recording service so please  be prepared to give your name, phone number and location, with a  brief message and this will be forwarded to the most appropriate person or organisation. This is for Inkpen residents only.

This list will be updated as further information becomes available. If you are under 70, in robust health and wish to be added to the list of helpers, please email: If you volunteer and you start to feel unwell, you MUST stay at home and look after yourself first - this will also protect the most vulnerable that we are trying to help. If you are unable to continue as a helper for whatever reason, please contact so that you can be removed from the active helpers list. Official advice to helpers is provided here. Thank you. All help, particularly at this time, is very much appreciated.

Prescriptions and GP surgeries
If you are in a recognised medically vulnerable group or you are over 70 and are self-isolating, and you require help with a prescription please email Jo Kempster at or, if you can't email, contact either Jane Zollo (07795 320900) or Sarah Marston (07976 221847).

There is a prescription collection rota system in place for collection from either Boots (Hungerford) or Woolton Hill Surgery. All you need to do is provide your name, address, post code and a brief description of where your house is within Inkpen. Your prescription will be delivered by one of the Inkpen Helpers. (If the prescription is for Woolton Hill surgery you also need to include your date of birth). Scheduled  visits to Boots in Hungerford are on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Prescription collections from Woolton Hill/Kintbury Surgery, via Dr Kate, are on Wednesdays and Fridays. Do let us know if you are personally self isolating and are in the elderly and vulnerable category, or if you know someone who is in these categories that needs our help. We are aiming to keep footfall to a minimum in both Boots and Woolton Hill surgeries.

Boots pharmacy, Hungerford
- Hours have been returned to 9 to 1 and 2 till 5:30. Saturday 9 to 1 and 2 till 5. Closed Sundays.

GP surgeries
. The Woolton Hill GP Practice is operating on a triage protocol, with Hungerford offering telephone consultations. Kintbury surgery is closed. More information regarding access to GP and broader medical advice is displayed on the respective surgery website.

Covid-19 Symptoms ?
All people with flu-like symptoms - a fever above 37.8C or a persistent cough - should self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for seven days and call 111. Don't spread it around !

Mental Health Support for those of 11-18 years
West Berkshire Council has set up a dedicated telephone helpline for young people experiencing issues and concerns relating to the pandemic - 01635 503587.

The helpline, which is linked to its Emotional Health Academy (EHA), will offer the district’s young people self-help support, advice and guidance from trained EHA workers. It came into operation on 6 April, and will be open between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday, providing an opportunity for children and young people (aged 11 to 18) to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them during the current Coronavirus crisis. EHA workers will use active listening skills to support young people in dealing with difficult feelings around Covid-19 and provide signposting and self-help support for their general wellbeing.

This local helpline is a short-term service and will be available only during the pandemic, to provide ‘in the moment’ support to children and young people. It will provide access to trained EHA workers who can offer advice and self-help tools and provide support to manage ‘low level’ problems. It is not a crisis line and does not replace other services such as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

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West Berkshire Council have set up a support link reflecting the information given on this page. They have published a letter to communities on changes to help for communities, individuals and businesses.  The Community Support Hub update is here and will now be updated fortnightly. If you are a resident seeking additional support, click here. And if you want WBC updates sent directly to you, click here. The Public Protection Partnership - PPP - briefing is available here. The West Berkshire News Update is here.

Guidance covering  heatwaves and Covid-19 is provided here.

West Berkshire Council Information sheets on Parks and Open spaces, and Managing or Organising Funerals.

West Berkshire Council are asking residents across the district/borough to think of others and not light bonfires during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic lockdown because many people at home are vulnerable and may have respiratory issues, or even be fighting the Covid-19 itself. During this difficult time we are asking that their needs are put first. Bonfires can also get out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services. Anyone having a domestic bonfire that causes a nuisance  may be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. To report an incident of a bonfire please use our on-line reporting form here.

Non-essential shops re-open.
Non-essential businesses including shops have been advised that they may re-open whilst continuing to comply with social distancing guidance. We have made a number of resources available to help businesses to do this safely including posters and other advice at . This will ensure that businesses have clear and consistent advice and signage available to them as they begin to welcome customers for the first time since they were advised to close in late March. We have also issued an order to close parts of Newbury town centre to traffic temporarily in order to assist with queuing and safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the town centre.

Fly tipping
is the illegal dumping of any waste or rubbish on public land or sites which are unauthorised to accept waste. If the rubbish is dumped on private land, the landowner is responsible for removing it. If you find or receive notification of fly tipped material on private land you will need to inform the landowner. Landowners unfortunately will have to pay for the cost of disposal of fly-tipped materials. To report an incident of fly tipping please see links on PPP website here.

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Pets and covid-19

The British Veterinary Association stresses "owners should not worry" about the risk of infection from pets. But, veterinary scientists have recommended cat owners keep their pets indoors to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus among animals.

An animal's fur could carry the virus for a time if a pet were to have come into contact with someone who was sick with Covid-19. Practise good hand hygiene, try and keep cats indoors.

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Keeping your Car ready for use

Keeping your battery healthy, your tyres inflated and giving your car a thorough clean could make all the difference when isolation measures are finally lifted.

The best way to make sure your car makes it through long-term storage or significantly reduced usage, is to keep its battery healthy. Using a battery conditioner, or trickle charger, is the most effective way to do this. It will keep immobilisers and other energy-sapping components of your car from draining your battery completely.

You’ll also need to inflate your tyres to the maximum recommended pressure found on the tyre sidewall, as they will lose pressure over time even if they’re not being used in motion. If left for a long period of time this can lead to flat spots and your tyres losing their round shape, especially on older tyres.

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Things to do during self-isolation

Something for Youngsters
Brain Pop offers resources on maths, English, science and more, and starting on 20 April, videos, quizzes, podcasts and articles will appear on BBC Bitesize Daily via the BBC iPlayer, red button, BBC Four and BBC Sounds. If your children are into Minecraft try Tynker. And, for craft resources, from knitting to jewellery-making, drawing and origami, try  Creativebug. BBC Bitesize also has tons of content for ages 3 to 16+, and for Youtubers there's Freeschool with plenty of fun videos to watch - something that even the older audience might like.

If you are an Amazon customer then there is free childrens content here.

FREE Audio books for All Ages
If you have children at home from school why not try free Audible audiobooks for children . No sign-up required.

The BBC's Sound website and app offers a really extensive range of audio books. Something for everyone from here.

Opera and Theatre
There's a wide range of quality musicals, theatre plays, some opera and even a bit of ballet here, all for free. For older listeners there's something too, not to everyone's taste but available none the less, Nightly Met Opera streams in HD. Our National Theatre is also providing content for free whilst the theatre is closed - click here.

You might also like to have a look at This provides audio, music, TV, images, films, even old time radio. I can't vouch for this content but worth a look.

And don't forget Stitch and Knit. If you are self-isolating, Jan Honey will email you patterns and instructions on how to make a range of things: small knitted Christmas decorations, beginners crochet, and how to make small hand sewn items. Give her a call on Inkpen 668222 or email

Puzzles and Games
If crossword puzzles are your thing, then there are masses on-line - printable and otherwise, they'll even provide the answers. For sudoku try Windows 10 users will find a range of free games in the Microsoft Store (an icon in the task bar), including mahjong and solitaire. There's even a jigsaw game. Paid for games are also freely available.

Whilst you can't visit the pub, you can still have a go at a Pub Quiz. Get out the crisps and pour the lager, then go to There are bound to be other and better pub quiz sites - let me know when you find them.

If all that fails try a bit of gardening, or have a go at nettle soup. We all have to eat so ring the changes, look for recipes on-line such as those on the BBC  or those on your favourite supermarket site such as Waitrose. I like the 'spaghetti with greens, capers, anchovies & lemon dressing' - can you make it without spaghetti ?

Many of you might be missing Yoga so try here for a few free exercises. If you've tried Pilates before have a look here, but if you are a beginner try the NHS Pilates for Beginners site. The NHS also provides a range of general fitness exercises - why not give it a go, but don't overdo it.

Holidays from your armchair.
Go to google maps, pick a destination an then go to street view. That's all you need for your own virtual holiday, except maybe for an espresso or a glass of wine. You can take a tour of the Louvre, visit the Taj Mahal or even Machu Picchu. To get away from it all, why not join the International Space Station and see what they are seeing now, live.

Night time Activity
At present, the night sky is quite clear. Weather permitting you might like to get out and do a bit of stargazing. A starters guide can be found here.

If you've any suggestions as to other stay-at-home activities, email them to

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The Inkpen Monthly Market
A number of people have asked me when the market will re-start given that, as of mid-June, indoor markets were permitted to re-open.   During lockdown I have given the market much thought.

I believe that for the market to re-open safely, the virus needs to further recede.  The Village Hall is a small building and, in my opinion, it would be difficult for visitors to both keep socially distant and at the same time being able to comfortably browse the stalls.

Many of the people who come to the market, be they shoppers or stallholders, are elderly, or at least in the over 70s bracket.  In my opinion, on both sides, there will be some reluctance to come along for quite some time.

I have run the market since 2011 and have been involved with it for longer than that.   I have decided that now is the right time for me to pass on the baton to the younger members of Inkpen should there be any village interest in the market recommencing at some point in the coming months.

If anyone, or a small group, thinks they might be interested and wants any information, please contact me, Josephine, on Inkpen 668 068.

Food Banks
Claudia and Sophie write “Huge thanks to all those who have contributed to the two telephone box donation points for the West Berkshire Food Bank.  We have now made two deliveries, amounting to 10 crates of food.  The volunteers at the food bank were incredibly grateful and stressed just quite how many people rely on these donations.  This week they are in particular need of shampoo, rice, Ketchup and sweets.  Please remember only dry and tinned goods, sadly we cannot accept any homemade or fresh produce.
Many thanks once again to all, especially the Honesty Bakery and Inkpen Parish Council for use of the telephone boxes”. 

If you are self-isolating and need someone to help do some supermarket shopping or get a prescription, for example, please check out the Helpers List.

Didcot Bakery - Kintbury
There's a slightly different format at the Kintbury baker's shop now, and for the moment, a slimmed down list of what's available. Still plenty of choice though. You have to pay by contactless card, no cash. Ordering online is probably easiest. Their website is Everything is now wrapped as you would expect with hand sanitizer at the door and only one person allowed in the shop at a time.
The bakery is  open on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 9am till 1pm. In addition to bread, give their Chelsea buns, quiches and pies a try.

Fisher of Newbury

If you are NOT in an at-risk group and want to get some fresh fruit and veg that you can collect yourself, you might like to try Fisher of Newbury. They do fruit and veg boxes which you can select on-line and collect if you get a delivery slot. They have quite a range of items and are based at Hambridge Road in Newbury.

Got a self-isolating neighbour ? See if you can get a veg and fruit box for them at the same time.

Take-away service with a difference

The John O Gaunt Pub is offering a take-away service with a difference. You order and pay over the phone. The food is delivered to the customer - FOC - and the customer receives a call to say "it's on your doorstep". The service is free, the food is not!

The menu link is: and the contact number is 01488 683535

Hungerford traditional butcher.

The traditional butcher in Hungerford is taking orders over the phone for delivery to Hungerford and the surrounding villages - that means Inkpen. If you are interested, details of the items for sale and the contact number are to be found here.

Crown and Garter.

The Crown and Garter team are very excited to announce that they're opening on Saturday 4th July for dine in and takeaway service, drinks & accommodation. They have social distancing procedures in place to ensure the safety of everyone and  ask that you kindly work with us.

They want all their guests to be able to enjoy the pub experience, even if you're not quite ready to join us in person. So, the entire menu is now also available to takeaway. All takeaway meals need to be pre-ordered by calling 01488 668325, when you will be assigned a time slot for collection.

If you would like to dine in, they ask that all tables are booked in advance. For those wishing to join them for a refreshing drink in the garden, feel free to walk in and they will be happy to serve you at your table.

They thank you for your patience and look forward to welcoming you back!

Opening Times – July 2020   
Pub (Drinks)               
Monday    Closed           
Tuesday    12 -2    5.30-9.30       
Wednesday    12 -2    5.30-9.30       
Thursday    12 -2    5.30-9.30       
Friday    12 -2    5.30-10       
Saturday    12 -2    5.30-10       
Sunday    12 -4           
Kitchen & Hot Food Takeaway       
Monday    Closed           
Tuesday    12 -2    6 -9       
Wednesday    12 -2    6 -9       
Thursday    12 -2    6 -9       
Friday    12 -2    6 -9       
Saturday    12 -2    6 -9       
Sunday    12 -4           
Honesty Inkpen Shop           
Monday    Closed           
Tuesday    Closed           
Wednesday    9 -2           
Thursday    9 -2           
Friday    9 -2           
Saturday    9 -2           
Sunday    12 -4   

Cobbs Farm Shop

At their Hungerford farm shop, you will find fresh fruit and veg, a delicatessen, butchery, fishmonger and florist. They work closely with a large number of local producers to offer customers a whole host of products including luxury dairy ice cream, freshly baked bread, honey, preserves and chutneys, cheese, dairy, flour, eggs, cereals, tea, smoked fish and meats, juices and biscuits. And let's not forget their home-grown award-winning English Sparkling Wine - Alder Ridge.

If you are in a vulnerable group or over 70 and you want to place an order with Cobbs, and have it delivered to your door, please contact Claire Jones for details - 07808 773346.

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Police report

A message from the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner is available here.

Local Police News.
Joanna King writes: In the update this time last year, I was able to report on attending the school fete and visiting the years 5 and 6 to talk about Internet Safety and Cyber Crime. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this spring / summer has been very different and we have been unable to carry out any engagement within the community. Hopefully, with the easing of the Lockdown we will soon be able to get our mobile Police station to Inkpen to carry out a ‘Have Your Say’. I shall keep you posted.

Over the last couple of weeks there has been an increase in Nottingham knockers in West Berkshire. From the Action Fraud website “A Nottingham knocker is essentially a door to door trader who tries to sell goods on the doorstep, often cheap household items. They will claim to be on a rehabilitation scheme trying to find work and may have a false trading permit or other forms of ID.”

They are not part of any recognised rehabilitation scheme. They target vulnerable people who they can scam. They say those that go door to door often have long extensive criminal histories and anyone who gives them money may find themselves the target of other scams including rogue builders.

There is a possibility that a ‘no cold calling’ zone can be set up in certain areas if there is sufficient interest from the community. This is something Action Fraud might be able to assist with.  0300 123 2040

With the weather improving we could see an increase in theft from vehicles parked at beauty spots such as Combe Gibbet and other areas used by dog walkers and those out for a stroll in the sunshine. This year in particular due to the lockdown we have seen more visitors attending these locations. This crime is carried out by opportunists and you can reduce the risk of having your vehicle broken into by considering the following

•    Don’t leave anything in your car. Do not leave items of value in your boot.
•    Open the parcel shelf and leave the glove box open to show would be thieves there is nothing of value left in the vehicle.
•    Use well lit, secure car parks.
•    Don’t return to your car to leave purchases in the boot before continuing with your shopping as thieves may watch car parks.

If you would like any further information or advice, please contact Joanna King on 07814852137 or email  Please be advised crime needs to be reported using the on-line form or via 101.


Be aware of scams. Download "The Little Book of Big Scams".  For home security, download "Secure your home".

Message sent on behalf of South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAMB)
We are aware of a voice message being shared currently on social media regarding the ambulance response to coronavirus. The alarmist information being shared in the message is not correct. We would urge people to disregard the message and not share it further.  In line with our ongoing plans during this challenging time, we are continuing to follow national guidelines regarding the ambulance response and thank the public for their ongoing support in following the government’s advice.

NHS test and trace system
The Government announced the launch of the NHS test and trace system in England and Scotland on 27 May.  Earlier in the month Trading Standards warned about a phishing scam around use of the trial contact tracing app being piloted in the Isle of Wight.  It has not been rolled out across the rest of the country but that hasn’t stopped the scammers trying to take advantage.  The public should look out for texts with links in them.  The link goes to a bogus website which asks for personal details. Scammers may use the information to gain access to bank accounts and commit other forms of identity fraud.
The real NHS test and trace system WILL NOT ask you to:    1) provide bank details or payments, 2) give details of any other accounts, such as social media, 3) set up a password or PIN number over the phone, or 4) call a premium rate number, such as those starting 09 or 087

People who shop at Tesco have been warned not to fall for a scam email claiming to give them free shopping and vouchers. In emails addressed to customers of the supermarket, scammers have attempted to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis by offering them the chance to shop for free online or in store and to click on a link to register their details.

Similar scams too purporting to be from Morrison offering free vouchers and other scams such as free Dettol or Gillette samples or competitions. They are all trying to get you to like or share which gives them details on your contacts etc. Never click on any links from uninvited emails. If in doubt on any scams, please contact your Bank or other organisations to check whether they have been sent by them.

Other recent scams are a text from O2 saying that a payment had failed and to avoid fees, visit the website using the link in the text and to then sign on using another screen asking for all the security details that the person used followed by credit card and bank account details. The fake website looked exactly like the O2 official site so some people could easily fall for this scam.

Royal Mail scams via email advising that your parcel has arrived but the Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. The email then asks you to pay £3.95 for this to be re-delivered and to click on a link to give your bank and other details.

Also Emails saying that the recent payment for your vehicle tax failed because there is not enough money on your debit card and that your vehicle is no longer taxed. They suggest you use a credit card instead to avoid any other consequences and again this is a way of trying to obtain your Bank details.

There are various ways of reporting scams.

A new initiative called Cyberawaregov has launched SERS – the suspicious email reporting service. They say that if you have received an email which you are not sure about, to forward it to There is further information on the website:

Scams can also be notified to Action Fraud on 03001232040 or via their website or to the National Trading Standards Scams Team on 03454 040506.

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Out of hours Building works

The law - and frequently planning permission as well - regulates the hours during which construction can be carried out, typically between 8am and 6pm weekdays, 8am and 3pm on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays. Outside those hours you have the right to complain to the council, who will come and investigate and may take action against persistent offenders. Contact WBC at (Tel. 01635 519192) or (Tel. 01635 519111).

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Library - Pass It on

The service has been suspended following Government advice, but will call in Inkpen at Craven Rd. from 2.30 – 2.50pm and at Inkpen School from 3.05 to 4pm when the service resumes – the mobile library should have been calling on 21st April so watch this space.

Our Libraries Service is currently offering a new online service to residents so that they can continue to enjoy new books and to share their love of reading without leaving the house. They have set up a new Facebook group called West Berks Reads, which is a useful, alternative way for people to share their thoughts and pick up ideas for what to read next.

They also hosted their first YouTube Storytime on 8th April, with author Rachel Jane reading one of her ‘Campervan’ stories. You can watch this again on their YouTube page and keep an eye out for further dates, which we will promote through social media.

Meanwhile, the digital resources and e-library services are continuing 24/7 and understandably being very well used at this time. Why not go to the Libraries page on our website and discover a new book or magazine?

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Climate change

Official reports suggest that our climate decline is rapidly accelerating. Although we are a small community and many feel that we are too insignificant in the grand scheme, there are things that we can do to make a positive impact.

Obviously we can plant more trees and hedging and the IMPFT  is this month planting more than 300 hedging plants along Post Office Road. But individually we can make a difference by leaving some of our gardens to become wild spaces. We can be more careful in our use of pesticides and herbicides and hopefully use insect friendly alternatives. Remember, Your Climate Needs You.

Following on from the work of Bob May and Bernard Harris, to encourage wild flowers on the Lower Green Triangle, we are hoping to transform other areas of public land in Inkpen in the coming years, with an emphasis on natural flora and their insect inhabitants. Why not set aside a small patch in your garden for beautiful, natural, wild flowers. Have a look at  this  to get a bit of encouragement.

These links might also be of some interest. Trees and Insects. Remember, insects are at the bottom of the food chain - if we lose them we lose all that depends on them!

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school news

It has been just over 3 months since we had to close our school and so much has happened in that time. We thought we were closing for everyone but it wasn’t long before it became clear that we needed to remain open for the children of key workers who attend the school.

We felt that remaining open for the children here was preferable to moving to a local hub, something a lot of small schools did during this time. This resulted in Inkpen School’s dedicated staff were in every day, including over the Easter holidays, catering to a small band of key worker children.

In the run up to the children returning we did a lot of work to ensure that we could provide a learning environment that was compliant with government recommendations. When June 1st arrived and we re-opened to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 I really did not know what to expect but we were delighted that the vast majority of children who were allowed to return, did.

Since then, we have gradually added to our numbers where possible, all the while continuing to adhere to the government guidance. It has been so lovely to see how much the children have enjoyed being back, seeing all their friends and really wanting to learn.

Next week we will have all year groups back for at least a day a week and my hope is that come September, we will be able to have all children back all of the time.

A huge thank you is due to all the staff at the school, without whom this would not have been possible.


We still have spaces available, so if you would like to pop in and have a look round, please contact the school on 01488 668219 or Hannah, our Manager, on mobile 07765 535391 or email:

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playing field trust (impft) news

Pavilion News
Your money, and that of other charitable donors such as Greenham Common Trust, is being used for the benefit of our children and for the purposes of stimulating recreational exercise, the appreciation of our environment and for the general wellbeing of residents. This is something from which we can all benefit.  We are now close to reaching our fundraising raising goal, it just needs that little extra push to get there. Please help if you can.

We are on track and on budget to complete Phase 1 of the renovation next month.  The transformation of the changing rooms and the extension looks amazing even at this stage in the works. It is all very exciting. The Phase 2 tender documents went out on 15th June and are due back on 1st July.  We very much hope that we can start the work on Phase 2 by August.

Thank you to those residents who, following the last bulletin, made donations to this project. This is so appreciated.  Huge thanks also to Clare and Alexander McKeon who raised over £5,000 via Just Giving by walking a marathon in between home schooling – thanks to them and all their supporters.

It is such a pity that Covid-19 restrictions have prevented us from holding events at the playing field or more widely in the village to generate the remaining funds needed but safety is our priority.  However, following recent changes to restrictions, we were able to raise just over £700, thanks to the generosity of Katherine Astor who opened her stunning garden on 14th June.  Thank you also to all those who came along. Every 10-minute slot was taken. Hopefully next year we can have an ‘Inkpen Open Gardens’ day again, just as we did last year.

If you can donate to the pavilion renovation, or the woodland playground, please make a cheque payable to: IMPF Fund Raising and give it to Gloria Keene or Claire Jones. Or contact Claire for our bank details. All donations can be anonymous and every penny counts now and any donation is very much appreciated.

We very much hope to have the pavilion completed by November this year.

Woodland Playground Crowd Funding

£1 and your support of our page on these community crowd funding sites can help us raise the funds we need to build the Woodland Playground.  £1 and your support gives us the potential to get a grant of £5,000 from Calor Gas and £25 from an Aviva employee.  Please take a look at one or both of these sites and support us if you can.  The woodland playground will be a great asset to the village community but to get the support of either of these companies they have to see that the Inkpen community support this project.  Thank you

Existing Playground News
We very much hope that we can open the playground soon and we will advise you when this happens.  Once it is open, we will ask that you take with you hand wipes and sanitisers to keep the gates and the equipment cleaned before and after use.  It is clearly impracticable for us to manage the cleaning after each use, so you will need to take responsibility for this. We will also ask that only two families at a time use the playground.

Paul Henry has kindly done all the repairs to the playground equipment as required by ROSPA which is very much appreciated.

Contacts: Claire Jones ( or any of the other Trustees.

If you would like to receive the IMPFT Newsletter which is sent out monthly, please visit the IMPFT website ( and subscribe. For more details of IMPFT activities, please visit the IMPFT website,

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Both Sophie and Claudia would like to thank all those who are donating to the food bank donation points in Inkpen. As a reminder, these are located in the telephone boxes at the Crown and Garter and the triangle in Lower Green.

Please do keep donating - West Berkshire Food Bank say they are getting more and more enquiries from local families and individuals who are in need of help and therefore very grateful for our donations.

We try and pick up most days and deliver to the food bank every week or so.  This picture was one of our drop offs…  a whopping 9 crates.   Cleaning products and toiletries are also welcome. Please no fresh produce.

Thank you so much again, and please do think of us when you’re doing your shopping.

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Lower Green Triangle

Bernard write, “We seem to be having a very successful year with plenty of colour; primroses, snowdrops and daffodils in January with an increasing range of wildflowers and colours as spring took over.  We have been particularly encouraged by the spread of cowslips and red clover over the whole area and also a better cover of bluebells near the hedge.  More recently we have seen the re-emergence of spotted orchids and sainfoin, an ancient hay grass, with its distinctive purple conical flower. 

As many of you will know the key to developing a sustainable wildflower area is to allow the flowers to seed and set before cutting for hay. This is accompanied by old-fashioned hay making with pitch forks to turn and shake out the seeds.  Perhaps one or two able-bodied souls would join us in hay making (weather permitting) around the end of July/early August? If so, please let Bob May know Tel: Inkpen 668255 or email:  After clearing the hay, we will tidy the triangle with a mower and strimmer. 

In the Autumn we intend to prune some of the shrubs at the back of the Green which we do every three years, and also some pruning of the ornamental trees.  The Copper Beach is showing signs of life.  We will probably trim the dead ends of branches and attempt to improve the shape for future years”. Bob May has kindly added that “there are probably 40 different flowering plants and grasses throughout the year”.

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