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For your latest local and regional news, as provided by the BBC, click here. Hungerford and area news can be found here.

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From Friday 10 December 2021, face coverings will be required by law in most indoor public places and on public transport, including taxis. For a complete list, please click here.

There are some exemptions. You do not have to wear a face covering in hospitality settings such as cafés, restaurants and pubs. This is because it is not practical to keep removing face coverings to eat or drink.

Settings which are exempt from wearing a face covering include:
Restaurants, cafés and canteens
Bars and shisha bars
Gyms & exercise facilities
Photography studios
Nightclubs, dance halls and discotheques

In indoor settings where a face covering is not legally required, you should still continue to wear a face covering in crowded and enclosed spaces where you may come into contact with other people you do not normally meet.

If you are exempt from wearing a mask due to a medical condition, please carry on as you have been.

Design plans for DIY face masks  can be found at

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COVID-19 information

The latest government guidance is given here.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published a range of additional information covering all aspects of Covid-19 including what to do if you or a member of your family becomes infected. The link is here.

Covid-19 Symptoms ?
All people with flu-like symptoms - a fever above 37.8C or a persistent cough - should self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for seven days and call 111. Don't spread it around !

Mental Health Support for those of 11-18 years
West Berkshire Council has set up a dedicated telephone helpline for young people experiencing issues and concerns relating to the pandemic - 01635 503587.

The helpline, which is linked to its Emotional Health Academy (EHA), will offer the district’s young people self-help support, advice and guidance from trained EHA workers. It came into operation on 6 April, and will be open between 09:00 and 17:00 Monday to Friday, providing an opportunity for children and young people (aged 11 to 18) to express their concerns and talk about issues directly affecting them during the current Coronavirus crisis. EHA workers will use active listening skills to support young people in dealing with difficult feelings around Covid-19 and provide signposting and self-help support for their general wellbeing.

This local helpline is a short-term service and will be available only during the pandemic, to provide ‘in the moment’ support to children and young people. It will provide access to trained EHA workers who can offer advice and self-help tools and provide support to manage ‘low level’ problems. It is not a crisis line and does not replace other services such as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

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West Berkshire Council have set up a support link reflecting the information available.

The latest West Berkshire Council covid guidance is available here.

RiM, Recovery in Mind is a community organisation, where adults living in West Berkshire get the opportunity to learn life long skills and tools to improve and manage their mental health and wellbeing. Details can be found here.

West Berkshire Council are asking residents across the district/borough to think of others and not light bonfires during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic lockdown because many people at home are vulnerable and may have respiratory issues, or even be fighting the Covid-19 itself. During this difficult time we are asking that their needs are put first. Bonfires can also get out of control or cause accidents, creating extra pressure on the already busy emergency services. Anyone having a domestic bonfire that causes a nuisance  may be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. To report an incident of a bonfire please use our on-line reporting form here.

Fly tipping
is the illegal dumping of any waste or rubbish on public land or sites which are unauthorised to accept waste. If the rubbish is dumped on private land, the landowner is responsible for removing it. If you find or receive notification of fly tipped material on private land you will need to inform the landowner. Landowners unfortunately will have to pay for the cost of disposal of fly-tipped materials. To report an incident of fly tipping please see links on PPP website here.

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Police report

A message from the Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner is available here.

Online Fraud. New scams are coming to light all the time and particularly in the build-up to Christmas. Police guidance is given here.

Local Police News.
With forecasters reporting an improvement in the weather we could see an increase in theft from vehicles parked at beauty spots such as Combe Gibbet, Hungerford Common and other areas used by dog walkers and those out for a stroll in the sunshine. This crime is carried out by opportunists and you can reduce the risk of having your vehicle broken into by considering the following :

• Don’t leave anything in your car. Do not leave items of value in your boot.
• Open the parcel shelf and leave the glove box open to show would be thieves there is nothing of value left in the vehicle.
• Use well lit, secure car parks.
• Don’t return to your car to leave purchases in the boot before continuing with your shopping as thieves may watch car parks.

It has again been highlighted to me that drivers are speeding through the village, particularly during the hours of morning and evening rush hour. The roads in Inkpen, in places, are very narrow and windy with blind bends. Please keep you speed down and be considerate to other road users, and pedestrians who might be in the road.  

If you would like any further advice, or have any information relating to any of the above please contact me on 07814852137 or email


Be aware of scams. Download "The Little Book of Big Scams".  For home security, download "Secure your home".

Message shared on behalf of Thames Valley Police -  We have been informed by Thames Water that a number of “Contractor” Identification Cards have been lost in transit. The cards have been deactivated so they cannot be used to gain access to any Thames Water sites but there are concerns that they could be used for criminal activity known as “Distraction Burglaries.” Please be very cautious and verify with Thames Water any Thames Water person’s details before letting anyone into their property?

Message sent on behalf of South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAMB)
We are aware of a voice message being shared currently on social media regarding the ambulance response to coronavirus. The alarmist information being shared in the message is not correct. We would urge people to disregard the message and not share it further.  In line with our ongoing plans during this challenging time, we are continuing to follow national guidelines regarding the ambulance response and thank the public for their ongoing support in following the government’s advice.

NHS test and trace system
The Government announced the launch of the NHS test and trace system in England and Scotland on 27 May.  Earlier in the month Trading Standards warned about a phishing scam around use of the trial contact tracing app being piloted in the Isle of Wight.  It has not been rolled out across the rest of the country but that hasn’t stopped the scammers trying to take advantage.  The public should look out for texts with links in them.  The link goes to a bogus website which asks for personal details. Scammers may use the information to gain access to bank accounts and commit other forms of identity fraud.

Also, you might receive a call, text or email offering the COVID-19 vaccine. If you’re asked to provide payment or bank details, please don’t respond – it’s a scam.

The real NHS will not ask you to:    1) provide bank details or payments, 2) give details of any other accounts, such as social media, 3) set up a password or PIN number over the phone, or 4) call a premium rate number, such as those starting 09 or 087

People who shop at Tesco have been warned not to fall for a scam email claiming to give them free shopping and vouchers. In emails addressed to customers of the supermarket, scammers have attempted to take advantage of the coronavirus crisis by offering them the chance to shop for free online or in store and to click on a link to register their details.

Similar scams too purporting to be from Morrison offering free vouchers and other scams such as free Dettol or Gillette samples or competitions. They are all trying to get you to like or share which gives them details on your contacts etc. Never click on any links from uninvited emails. If in doubt on any scams, please contact your Bank or other organisations to check whether they have been sent by them.

Other recent scams are a text from O2 saying that a payment had failed and to avoid fees, visit the website using the link in the text and to then sign on using another screen asking for all the security details that the person used followed by credit card and bank account details. The fake website looked exactly like the O2 official site so some people could easily fall for this scam.

Royal Mail scams via email advising that your parcel has arrived but the Courier was unable to deliver the parcel to you. The email then asks you to pay £3.95 for this to be re-delivered and to click on a link to give your bank and other details.

Also Emails saying that the recent payment for your vehicle tax failed because there is not enough money on your debit card and that your vehicle is no longer taxed. They suggest you use a credit card instead to avoid any other consequences and again this is a way of trying to obtain your Bank details.

There are various ways of reporting scams.

A new initiative called Cyberawaregov has launched SERS – the suspicious email reporting service. They say that if you have received an email which you are not sure about, to forward it to There is further information on the website:

Scams can also be notified to Action Fraud on 03001232040 or via their website or to the National Trading Standards Scams Team on 03454 040506.

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Out of hours Building works

The law - and frequently planning permission as well - regulates the hours during which construction can be carried out, typically between 8am and 6pm weekdays, 8am and 3pm on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays. Outside those hours you have the right to complain to the council, who will come and investigate and may take action against persistent offenders. Contact WBC at (Tel. 01635 519192) or (Tel. 01635 519111).

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Library - Pass It on

The mobile library will call at Craven Rd at 2.30pm until 2.50pm and at the Inkpen Primary School at 3.05 to 4pm on Tuesday Dec 21st  - Covid-19 arrangements will apply.

The Libraries Service are also offering a new online service to residents so that they can continue to enjoy new books and to share their love of reading without leaving the house. They have set up a new Facebook group called West Berks Reads, which is a useful, alternative way for people to share their thoughts and pick up ideas for what to read next.

Meanwhile, the digital resources and e-library services are continuing 24/7 and understandably being very well used at this time. Why not go to the Libraries page on our website and discover a new book or magazine?

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Climate change

Official reports suggest that our climate decline is rapidly accelerating. Although we are a small community and many feel that we are too insignificant in the grand scheme, there are things that we can do to make a positive impact.

Obviously we can plant more trees and hedging and the IMPFT  is this month planting more than 300 hedging plants along Post Office Road. But individually we can make a difference by leaving some of our gardens to become wild spaces. We can be more careful in our use of pesticides and herbicides and hopefully use insect friendly alternatives. Remember, Your Climate Needs You.

Following on from the work of Bob May and Bernard Harris, to encourage wild flowers on the Lower Green Triangle, we are hoping to transform other areas of public land in Inkpen in the coming years, with an emphasis on natural flora and their insect inhabitants. Why not set aside a small patch in your garden for beautiful, natural, wild flowers. Have a look at  this  to get a bit of encouragement.

These links might also be of some interest. Trees and Insects. Remember, insects are at the bottom of the food chain - if we lose them we lose all that depends on them!

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school news

I knew I should have kept quiet about a return to normality as the end of half term brought new guidance from West Berkshire requiring us to return to bubbles due to high infection rates in the area. Despite this, we are still trying to ensure that the children experience school in as “normal” conditions as possible.

Our youngest children are now beginning to practise their nativity and the hope is still to be able to have an audience. It is always a favourite time for me when we can hear the children practising their songs.

I am sure our visit to the “Jungle Book” at the Watermill on Friday will kickstart all our Christmas preparations in school and inspire their performances.

As a finale to their work on WW1, Years 5 and 6 presented our Remembrance Assembly out in the playground for the whole school. They explained to the younger children why we wear poppies and how this came about, as well as telling the history of the poem, “In Flanders Field”. This was finished with a prayer, written by one of the children, and our 2-minute silence.

Having assemblies and performances outside has been something we have really enjoyed over the past 18 months – a positive from all the gloom. So I have decided that our Carol service, led once again by Years 5 and 6 and accompanied by Mrs Obin on piano, will also be outside. We would like to invite anyone in the village who may be free to come along and join us on Monday 13th December from 5.00pm until 6.00pm. There will be refreshments provided by our PSA and the playground is large enough for us all to sing as socially distanced as we are comfortable with. We look forward to seeing you.


It has been an exciting term and the new Inkspotters have settled in very well. The children have enjoyed a wide range of activities. Topics have included the popular “All About Me”, “Exploring Celebrations” and “Remembrance Sunday”. As always, the Inkspotters have had lots of fantastic playtime in the fresh air, enjoying the Outdoor Classroom and Millennium Garden and having adventures at Forest School.

We are delighted to officially welcome Sarah Botting, our new team leader. Sarah, who is an experienced Early Years Practitioner, joined the Inkspots team at the beginning of September.

Inkspots is a lovely little pre-school, where we get to know the children all as individuals.
We’re set in outstanding beauty, with lots of woodlands right on our doorstep, in the heart of Inkpen Village.
I love working with my wonderful team, and the children are an absolute delight.
It’s a pleasure to be part of an Early Years Setting that offers so much support to our local community & its families.

It has been a whole year since the village rallied together in support of Inkspots as the pre-school faced imminent closure. The formation of a dynamic and dedicated new committee and the appointment of a permanent team leader have been important steps on the road to recovery, but the pre-school will only thrive in the long term with a steady stream of new recruits and the ongoing support of the “Friends of Inkspots”.

Attending pre-school is an excellent way of preparing children who will soon be making the transition to big school. At Inkspots we give children the best start in life by:
- Supporting their Emotional and Social Development.
- Teaching them Confidence and Independence.
- Developing their Listening and Speaking Skills.

Best of all, the children in our care feel safe, valued and have lots of fun. If you know of any lovely little three or four-year-olds who would enjoy exploring the natural world with us, then please get in touch with Sarah by phone (01488668219) or email ( to request a registration form.

After the success of last year, we will be having another Inkspots Christmas Treasure Trail this year. More details below. Please do get involved. We will also be organising a Superhero Sponsored Walk in the New Year. Make sure you save the date, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Join us for some festive fun for the whole family as you tour around beautiful Inkpen village, searching for signs and following clues. Suggested donation for treasure maps is £3.00 (two for £5.00).

Maps will be available soon from Inkpen Primary School, the Crown and Garter, Honesty Cafe or by emailing us at All proceeds will go to supporting Inkspots Pre-School.

Finally, we are looking for more volunteers to join our official “Friends of Inkspots” team. The “Friends of Inkspots” are instrumental in organising fundraising events and spreading the word about our unique little pre-school. Whether you have personal experience of Inkspots, or you simply treasure and value special rural pre-schools like ours, we need you! Email us at to get involved. The more the merrier.

Daisy Chains
Contact Jenny on 07775883318 or Anna on 07785 184808.

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playing field trust (impft) news

Book the Pavilion
If you would like to hire the pavilion or any of the facilities email Hiring the pavilion and facilities enable us to maintain them as a ‘not for profit’ charity.

Hire Charges are on the IMPFT website ( and on the notice board at the pavilion or email Gloria for details.


Fund Raising
We are still fund raising for the resurfacing of the courts and the artificial cricket pitch so if you can donate no matter how little please do, it would be much appreciated.

Google: The Good Exchange
Inkpen Court Resurfacing; Ref: 18890
Alternatively you can donate to IMPFT by cheque or bank transfer just contact Claire ( for details.

To donate via The Good Exchange please use the links:
Inkpen Court Resurfacing – Ref: 18890


Lighting a Beacon for the Jubilee
On the evening of Thursday 2nd June Inkpen will be lighting a beacon on Walbury Hill to join with beacons being lit throughout the country. All will be welcome to come along to Walbury Hill to take part in the ceremony.

Inkpen Big Jubilee Saturday incorporating Party in the Park
Please put Saturday 4th June 2022 in your diary for a village event at the playing fields to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. There will be activities and games for all ages including a village tug of war competition, a dog show, food, drinks and stalls. Party in the Park will be held in the evening. Anyone who would like to reserve a stall at the event please email The event is for everyone and will be free to attend during the day although there will be a charge for Party in the Park in the evening.

Playing field update
The new piece of playground equipment was put in place recently. PLEASE NOTE it cannot be used until the safety mats are in place and the fencing is removed which should be before the Christmas holidays. Please do not allow your children on the equipment until the fencing has been removed.

A huge thank you to all those who helped remove the old equipment and a particular thank you to Andrew & Paula Foxley who, with a digger, removed the huge amount of concrete below the ground and the old matting. It was quite a job.

Thank you also to ARK Homes who helped with the ground works required for the installation.

We hope you like the new equipment supplied by Play Quest. It is 100% recycled plastic.

INKPEN 92 GROUP Meeting - Tuesday 9th November at 2.30pm
The Inkpen 92 Group is meeting on Tuesday 14th December 2021 and the speaker will be Phil Wood, a retired engineer, with a passionate interest in local history and is on the West Berkshire Heritage Forum. He will speak of 'Memories of the Great War', which includes stories of some of the men named. The meeting will start at 2.30pm at Inkpen Pavilion. Please come and join us for a cup of tea and a well-documented talk. Guests and members are welcome for a donation of £2. Masks optional.

The Inkpen 92 Group will meet again on Tuesday 11th January 2022 at 2.30pm in the Inkpen Pavilion and the speaker will be Dr Ann Benson FSA FRHistS who moved to Inkpen in June of 2021. She is a garden and architectural historian and Beaufort Visiting Fellow of St John’s College, University of Cambridge. She has kindly volunteered to give this talk on 'Opulent Royal and courtier Tudor gardens’.

Tudor gardens were amongst the glories of the age. They enabled the richness of Renaissance culture to extend beyond the house and in so doing, became living art forms to delight the senses and facilitate outdoor entertainments. They also served as symbols of power and courtly magnificence. This richly illustrated lecture focusses on the gardens of Henry VII and VIII, and those of Elizabeth I’s leading courtiers who were vying for royal favour.

Please come along and join us - guests and members are welcome for a donation of £2. Masks and non-masks optional .

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evENTS AT INKPEN village hall

By the time you read this our S&K Christmas festivities will probably have already taken place as our December meeting falls on 1st of the month. For those that attended hope you enjoyed the activities. Why not start 2022 by joining us on Wednesday 5th January at 7.30pm in the Village Hall where we will be relaxing with a cup of tea and working on our own projects. However, if you receive any sewing or knitting goodies from Santa please bring them along for a show and tell. Look forward to seeing you in January and have a sewtastic Christmas.

If you have any questions, please give me a call - Jan Honey on 01488668222 or drop me an email

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from Inkpen Food and Craft Market. Thanks to all that came and supported the Market in November. December's market will be held on Sunday 19th December from 10:00-12:30 where we will be holding the draw for the Christmas Raffle. It will be drawn at 11:30am. Numbers will be on sale on the day for just £2 so it’s not too late, we have some great prizes up for grabs:
1st - £100 Gift Card
2nd - Bronze Oven Ready Turkey from Debbie
3rd - Meal voucher for £65 from the Crown & Garter
Plus, prizes from Tailwaggerz, Yew Tree Garden Centre and our stall holders - Waney Edge Woodcraft, Sadlers Woodhouse, Tropic with Tracey, The Bunting Basket, The Rats Whiskers, Ethel's Pies and Chalk & Cheese Candles and Wax Melts!

We are three Explorer Scouts who live in Inkpen. We’ve been given an amazing opportunity to join an expedition to the Alps in 2022 and are fundraising to help pay for the trip.

We’ll be at the Christmas market selling homemade decorations (log reindeer, crackers for humans and pets, origami stars) and more. Please come and say hello. Thank you

Henry, Lewis and Tess There will be NO market held in January, but we will be back on Sunday 20th February 2022.

Thanks Debbie & Georgina -

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Other inkpen news

Inkpen History Group
We are keen to receive copies of old photos, documents etc. that you may have and would be happy to share. Old maps, items of Inkpen pottery and any items relating to the old sawmills. Whatever you judge might be of interest, please drop us an email at -

Our aim is to bring together as much historic content as we can to avoid it getting lost for ever. Your help is important. Thank you.


Give yourself a Christmas present and give an enduring present to those that you care about. Little changes that you can make to save yourself money and help the next generation.

1. Wash clothes at a lower temperature. Cut your dishwasher use by just one cycle per week and save £8 a year on energy. The same goes for washing machine use - one less cycle per week and save £8 a year on energy. Only fill the kettle with the amount of water that you need and save around £6 a year.
2. 21% of all food waste occurs in the home. Buying less saves you money and can reduce waste.
3. Thinking about those car journeys – are they all necessary? Can you do several things in one journey or can you walk some of the journeys instead.
4. Heating your house – The UK government used to recommend a temperature of 21 degrees for living rooms and 18 degrees for bedrooms, but now they just recommend 18 degrees for the whole home.
5. Switch your lighting to LED lights, that’ll save you around £30 a year on electricity. And don’t leave lights on when they’re not needed.
6. Don’t leave electrical appliances plugged in and switched on. You can save around £35 a year just by remembering to turn your appliances off standby mode. Charging adapters for phones and other rechargeable battery devices can continue to use electricity even when the device is fully charged. These can also present a fire hazard. When a device is charged, unplug the adapter. And turn off the telly when you go to bed.

These are things that you can do to help play your part in COP 26! Please give it a go.

Inkpen’s very own athlete, Ashley Jones, will be talking about his heroic effort of rowing across the Atlantic earlier this year. The talk with be accompanied by photographs of the team’s adventures, no doubt providing us all with a feel of what an adventure it was. The date is Tuesday 14th December, the time 7.00pm and the place to be is Inkpen Pavilion.

Many people from Inkpen supported the chosen Charity – Human Practice Foundation - so the talk with include an update on what happened to all the money. If you’d like to attend, please email Ashley on

A huge thank you to everyone who purchased our Halloween pumpkins. We raised £90.00 towards the funding of care placements at Foxglove Farm. Along with the money raised from the September Open Day we can offer 50% subsidised funding placements for a Spring 2022 start date. If you feel that you could benefit from the care farming activities, or you know someone that might, please contact Kathe on 07738464794.

New Arrivals We are very excited to welcome some new rare breed additions to the Care Farm this month. They are Kerry Hill ewes and Hill Radnor ewe lambs from mid-Wales.

Laura Farris MP visits Foxglove Care Farm Our local Member of Parliament, Laura Farris, visited Foxglove Care Farm just prior to our September Open Day.

Farm Gate Sales & Christmas Market We are continuing to sell free-range eggs, seasonal vegetables and our local lamb from the Farm gate. We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas Farmers’ market in December. We will be selling a variety of festive food and gifts.

Volunteers We are pleased to welcome two new volunteers, George and Lorna, who have been very busy digging up potatoes, picking runner beans for seeds for next year and picking the last of the tomatoes to make winter chutney, which will be for sale at the Inkpen Christmas market. We are very grateful to them for their support.

With the winter months fast approaching, we would welcome support with several DIY/Woodworking projects. The projects are: Building a goat house, garden tables, log stores and pizza oven. Repairing a duck house, an old trailer and renovating a shepherd’s hut. Making a wildlife pond, planting trees and planting a wildflower meadow.

If you feel able to offer us a few hours of your time to help support any of these projects, we would be very grateful. Please contact Kathe on 07738464794.

Stables to Rent Five/six stables available to rent at Foxglove Farm, Great Common, Inkpen. RG17 9QR. Please contact Simon Bastable on 0774286088 for more information.

Spring Lambing Open Day – Spring 2022 We will be opening the farm in the Spring for a fundraising Lambing Open Day event. It will be a family event with opportunities to cuddle and feed a lamb. Lots of children’s activities. Further information available in the New Year.

Contact Kathe on 07738464794 for further information.

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Useful links

Many thanks to Tim and Ali des Forges, editors of the Inkpen and Combe bulletin, for providing bulletin copy for this website.  You can contact Tim and Ali by phone or email thus - or ring them on 01488 668496. You can also  download a copy of the Inkpen and Combe bulletin here

To report potholes, go to For other road or pavement issues including overgrown verges, go to

To join Laine's heating oil delivery club, email Lanie.

To report a water leak, go to and for loss of electricity, go to Both Thames Water and SSE provide priority services for those needing help to cope should there be a loss of service. This includes the elderly and those with special health needs.  Thames Water priority  service can be accessed on-line, here and for SSEN, the details are provided here.

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