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Local news updates

For your latest local and regional news, as provided by the BBC, click here. Hungerford and area news can be found here.

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Coronavirus information

The Government is now instructing people that they MUST stay at home except for;  shopping for basic necessities,  daily exercise,  any medical need  and travelling to and from essential work or activity.

Gatherings in public of more than two people
are PROHIBITED, except for those living together.

Shops selling non-essential goods are shut.

If you have self-isolated and are in need of help, here  is a list of neighbours kindly waiting to help you. Take your pick and give them a call.

Bell Lane
    Lucy Hutchinson – 07766 065447
    Nikki Pelissier – 07813 334907
Bridle Path and Heads Lane
    Clare Macinnes – 07973 878613
Craven Road
    Anna Bidwell – 07801 027262
    Claire Jones – 07808 773346
    Emma Wordsworth – 07785 292078 – 01488 668600
    Jane Atkey – 07796 716843
Folly Road
    Brian and Nikki Cox – 07423 225426
    Clare Evans – 01488 668534 or 07786 691292
    Karl Prismall – 07879 883148
    Katie Rimmer – 07831 680058
    Pippa and Russ Jeffries – 07887 574112
Heads Lane
    Jane van Ammel - 07740 868536
    Nick Day - 01488 684105 or 07786 075502
    Sarah Marston  - 07976 221847
Post Office Road
    Brian Gerhardt – 07787 500217
    Claire Loveridge – 07867 528926
    Ed Loveridge – 07879 472929
    Maxine and Phil Frazer-Reid – 07920 827888
    Phil Day – 07837 537542
    Sonya Donohoe – 07970 197843
Pottery Lane
    Jane Zollo – 07795 320900
The Sawmills
    Sarah Burton – 07949 238458
Trapps Hill
    Taj Woodgate – 07971 191263
Upper Green
    Dave Lester – 07816 177524
    Maridi Baker – 07976 575858
    Marie Waters – 07753 492222
Lawrence Mead, Kintbury
    Jelena Golinska – 07930 424547

This list will be updated as further information becomes available. If you are under 70, in robust health and wish to be added to the list of helpers, please email: If you volunteer and you start to feel unwell, you MUST stay at home and look after yourself first - this will also protect the most vulnerable that we are trying to help. If you are unable to continue as a helper for whatever reason, please contact so that you can be removed from the active helpers list. Official advice to helpers is provided here. Thank you. All help, particularly at this time, is very much appreciated.

If you are in a recognised medically vulnerable group or you are over 70 and are self-isolating, and you require help with filling a prescription please contact either Jane Zollo (07795 320900) or Sarah Marston (07976 221847), and they will endeavour to help you.

Boots pharmacy, Hungerford
- Hours have been reduced to 10 to 1 and 2 to 4 (10 to 12:30 and 1 to 3 on Saturday). Be prepared for a long wait.

GP surgeries
. The Woolton Hill GP Practice is operating on a triage protocol, with Hungerford offering telephone consultations. Kintbury surgery is closed. More information regarding access to GP and broader medical advice is displayed on the respective surgery website.

All people with flu-like symptoms - a fever above 37.8C or a persistent cough - should self-isolate (stay at home, away from other people) for seven days and call 111. Don't spread it around !

Assuming that you are well, here are 10 ways you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your community:

1. Discuss with household members, other relatives, friends and neighbours, what to do if a COVID-19 outbreak occurs in your community and what the needs of each person will be.
2. Visit this website or the Inkpen social media page to maintain access to neighbours, information, and resources. Alternatively, share phone numbers and email addresses particularly with those who are isolated or vulnerable.
3. Consider establishing a ‘buddy’ system within your community to ensure everyone stays connected to COVID-19 related news, services and can receive support safely, such as essentials deliveries.
4. Plan ways to care for those who might be at greater risk for serious complications.
5. Choose a room in your home that can be used to separate sick household members from those who are healthy.
6. Learn how to self-isolate. Guidance can be found on the NHS website:
7. Create a list of local organisations that you and your neighbours can contact in the event that one of you need access to information, healthcare services, support, or resources. Consider including organisations that provide mental health or counselling services, food, and other supplies.
8. Create an emergency contact list of family, friends, neighbours, healthcare providers, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.
9. Learn about the emergency operations plan at your child’s school or childcare facility, and your employer’s emergency operations plan.
10. Practice everyday preventive actions including regular hand washing.
i.   The NHS provides guidance on how to wash hands:
ii.  The World Health Organisation provides guidance on basic protective measures:
iii. The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention provides guidance on handwashing for families

Please note: whilst we encourage you to follow advice from UK Government we are also sharing links to organisations such as the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention an agency which works 24/7 to protect the safety, health, and security of America from threats here and around the world. Some of our key points above have been sourced from: home/get-your-household-ready-for-COVID-19.html.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention also published (14th February 2020) Interim Guidance for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Homes and Residential Communities which you may find useful: coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidance-prevent-spread.html.

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Things to do during self-isolation

If you have children at home from school why not try free Audible audiobooks for children . No sign-up required.

Brain Pop offers resources on maths, English, science and more. If your children are into Minecraft try Tynker. And, for craft resources, from knitting to jewellery-making, drawing and origami, try  Creativebug. BBC Bitesize also has tons of content for ages 3 to 16+, and for Youtubers there's Freeschool with plenty of fun videos to watch - something that even the older audience might like.

At present, the night sky is quite clear. Weather permitting you might like to get out and do a bit of stargazing. A starters guide can be found here.

There's a wide range of quality musicals, theatre plays, some opera and even a bit of ballet here, all for free. For older listeners there's something too, not to everyone's taste but available none the less, Nightly Met Opera streams in HD. Our National Theatre is also providing content for free whilst the theatre is closed - click here.

If you are an Amazon customer then there is free childrens content here.

You might also like to have a look at This provides audio, music, TV, images, films, even old time radio. I can't vouch for this content but worth a look.

And don't forget Stitch and Knit. If you are self-isolating, Jan Honey will email you patterns and instructions on how to make a range of things: small knitted Christmas decorations, beginners crochet, and how to make small hand sewn items. Give her a call on Inkpen 668222 or email

If crossword puzzles are your thing, there are masses on-line - printable and otherwise, they'll even provide the answers. For sudoku try If all that fails try a bit of gardening, or have a go at nettle soup. We all have to eat so ring the changes, look for recipes on-line such as those on the BBC  or those on your favourite supermarket site such as Waitrose. I like the 'spaghetti with greens, capers, anchovies & lemon dressing' - can you make it without spaghetti ?

Holidays from your armchair. Go to google maps, pick a destination an then go to street view. That's all you need for your own virtual holiday, except maybe for an espresso or a glass of wine. You can take a tour of the Louvre, visit the Taj Mahal or even Machu Picchu.

If you've any suggestions as to other stay-at-home activities, email them to

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local Food deliveries - to your door

If you are self-isolating and need someone to help do some supermarket shopping or get a prescription, for example, please check out the Helpers List.

Yew Tree Garden Centre

We have a range of fresh fruit and veg available, please phone 01635 255250 to book. You can view what's on offer at

Hungerford traditional butcher.

The traditional butcher in Hungerford is taking orders over the phone for delivery to Hungerford and the surrounding villages - that means Inkpen. If you are interested, details of the items for sale and the contact number are to be found here.

Crown and Garter - general food store.

We're evolving the coffee shop at the Crown and Garter, into a general food store as we adapt to support our local community.

In addition to our current offering including our bread, tea, coffee, cake, pasties, pies and soup we are also developing a range of food available to takeaway. The current stock list / delivery order form is here. We are adding new things every day and our fruit and veg rotates daily as well so that we have a good selection. If there is anything that people need that we don't have on list then we can still order it in for them depending on our supplier’s stock levels.

All customers are asked to follow a conscious purchasing policy with regard to some items so that we are able to support as many people as possible.

Opening hours are Monday - Saturday 9am - 2pm. Shut on Sunday. Some delivery is available outside of these hours.

If you are self isolating or unable to get to us, we are accepting orders for delivery. Please contact us directly on 01488 668325 or via email at if you can't get through on the phone. The phones aren't manned all day.

Not everyone within the community will necessarily have access to the internet or social media so we are asking you to help us reach them and get this message out there.

We want to reassure you that we are doing everything to mitigate risk and manage this situation as best we can. The welfare of our staff and customers is of paramount importance to us.

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Police report

Message from Our Chief Constable John Campbell on Coronavirus - 25/03/2020

Please see below a link to a video message from our Chief Constable on our policing response during these extraordinary times and how we all have a role to play in combating Coronavirus in the Thames Valley and across the nation.

To view the video, please visit the Thames Valley Police YouTube channel or click the following link:

Message Sent By Emma Tarry (Police, Communications Officer, Thames Valley)

Message from Joanna King - Please keep reporting stuff to us - We sometimes find that news travels fast round a community, especially via various social media channels but if no one tells us, we don’t know about it. You can report online at , but if it is urgent please continue to call on 101 (non-emergency) and 999 in an emergency. Our team email address is: Please be aware this is not monitored 24/7 and should not be used to report a crime. You can also follow us on twitter @TVP_westberks.

If you would like any further information or advice, please contact me on 07814852137 or email”.  Please be advised I cannot take reports of crime over the phone. These need to be reported using the online form or via 101.”

Be aware of scams. Download "The Little Book of Big Scams".  For home security, download "Secure your home".

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Out of hours Building works

The law - and frequently planning permission as well - regulates the hours during which construction can be carried out, typically between 8am and 6pm weekdays, 8am and 3pm on Saturdays, and not at all on Sundays. Outside those hours you have the right to complain to the council, who will come and investigate and may take action against persistent offenders. Contact WBC at (Tel. 01635 519192) or (Tel. 01635 519111).

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gigaclear news

Gigaclear remedial works are now at an end. If you are looking to change from BT to Gigaclear, you should now be able to do so.  If in doubt, have a word with a neighbour that has already made the switch. Inkpen is one of the few places in the country to have access to Ultra Fast broadband.

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Library - Pass It on

The service has been suspended following Government advice, but will call in Inkpen at Craven Rd. from 2.30 – 2.50pm and at Inkpen School from 3.05 to 4pm when the service resumes – the mobile library should have been calling on 21st April so watch this space.

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Climate change

Official reports suggest that our climate decline is rapidly accelerating. Although we are a small community and many feel that we are too insignificant in the grand scheme, there are things that we can do to make a positive impact.

Obviously we can plant more trees and hedging and the IMPFT  is this month planting more than 300 hedging plants along Post Office Road. But individually we can make a difference by leaving some of our gardens to become wild spaces. We can be more careful in our use of pesticides and herbicides and hopefully use insect friendly alternatives. Remember, Your Climate Needs You.

Following on from the work of Bob May and Bernard Harris, to encourage wild flowers on the Lower Green Triangle, we are hoping to transform other areas of public land in Inkpen in the coming years, with an emphasis on natural flora and their insect inhabitants. Why not set aside a small patch in your garden for beautiful, natural, wild flowers. Have a look at  this  to get a bit of encouragement.

These links might also be of some interest. Trees and Insects. Remember, insects are at the bottom of the food chain - if we lose them we lose all that depends on them!

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school news

Our Headteacher, Jane Kanisius, writes:

I hope that you have all had a lovely Christmas and that all is set fair for a happy and successful 2020.

The new year in Years 5 and 6 started with the delivery of a tank of baby trout from ARK for us to look after. The children have taken to parenthood like a duck (or trout) to water and are doing a fabulous job of changing the water, feeding and checking all is well on a daily basis. We look forward to releasing as many as possible into the River Kennet at the beginning of March.

This week, the children enjoyed an afternoon of road safety information and activities. The highlight of the visit though, was a very large lorry on the playground. Using the lorry, the children were taught how much space it needed before it came to a stop, as well as how difficult it can be for a driver to see a child if they are close to the cab. Such an interesting and fun way to deliver an important message.

Also, this week, as I write, our Archery team are wearing the new Inkpen Primary School PE kit as they attend a tournament at Park House. I am sure you will agree that they look very smart and we are very grateful to the Parish Council for thinking of us and donating the funds in order that we could buy them. Thank you.


Our setting is reasonably small, taking up to 12 children at present, and is set within Inkpen village primary school. Our primary objective for children is creating a happy and relaxed environment, enabling them to explore and learn independently. Children have access to many of the school’s facilities giving them several outdoor spaces to play in, including nearby woodlands when doing forest school.

We welcome children from their third birthday and also accept West Berkshire grant funding. We are open Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s 9am – 3pm. We are flexible with sessions (half day or whole day) and can also accommodate split funding with other providers.

We have spaces still available so if you would like to pop in and have a look round, please contact the school on 01488 668219 or Hannah, our Manager, on mobile 07765 535391 or email:

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playing field trust (impft) news

Following on from the Government advice, the children's play area is now closed, the tennis court / hard surface is closed and the pavilion is closed. We are physically unable to close off the playing field but it should not be used. If you go out please keep your distance from others and stay at home as much as you can. This is for the protection of all Inkpen residents, YOU and OTHERS.

With regard to the pavilion renovation, we have completed the Asbestos Survey and are awaiting the report. We have sent out building tenders to six builders, two of which have felt that due to work load they cannot tender. Obviously when we start the work is very much dependent on what the future holds with regards to availability of labor and materials. The Trustees will hopefully be able to decide which builder will be awarded the contract this month and then we very much hope we can start some form of the work in May.

Obviously COVID19 has had a massive impact on the economy and individuals financial position and will continue to do so for years to come. So whilst we are waiting to hear about grant applications and continue to apply for grants it may be sometime before we hear about grants or are able to raise further funds. We do however hope we have raised enough to some of the work if not all of it.

Bat Boxes: Thank you to David Orme who made bat boxes for us and these will be put up this month.

Junior Football: This has been postponed until further notice.

Sadly, all activities are on hold but it is great to see young and old out walking, running and cycling. Do remember that mental health and general well being will be key issues at this time so do try and talk with neighbours who may be alone and families struggling with a house full with little release.

After the success of the Inkpen Open Gardens Day last year we would like to do the same again this year. If you would be interested in opening your garden please do get in touch. The date is likely to be 14th June Covid-19 permitting.

If you would like to receive the IMPFT Newsletter which is sent out monthly, please visit the IMPFT website ( and subscribe. For more details of IMPFT activities, please visit the IMPFT website,

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Many of you will have contributed to the whip round we had in Inkpen to buy something for Gerald and Elsa Atkinson to thank them for producing this Bulletin for over 33 years.

Your generous contributions enabled us to buy them hugely deserved gifts of appreciation: a 5’ wooden garden seat with a brass plaque duly inscribed, plus cushion and cover. We were also able to buy vouchers for the Watermill Theatre, Champagne, flowers for Elsa and a healthy cheque with the balance.

Perhaps the most valued gift was the card that so many had signed, thanking Gerald and Elsa for their hard work over the years. I’m thrilled to tell you that almost 200 people either signed the card or were represented on it! Someone wrote, “every village should have a Gerald and Elsa” – some probably do, but in Inkpen we are lucky enough to have the real McCoy!


Secrets do get out and Elsa and I were aware that people in the village were being given the chance to contribute to a 'leaving present' as we finished our time on the Bulletin. But we never expected this! Truly overwhelming. So, our most sincere thanks to all who made a gift and for your most kind words on the biggest ten page ‘Thank You’ card we have ever seen. It means so much.

Finally, total thanks to Gilly who on her own initiative organised the whole thing. What a joy it is to live in such a lovely village with so many kind people. Thanks again and God bless you all both now and in the times that lie ahead.

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Please do remember our local food banks. They are desperate for food and funds at this time. People and companies are donating less while worrying about stock piling food supplies for their families. The Newbury Soup Kitchen is desperate for financial donations via The Good Exchange so that they can buy food where and when it is available. You can also donate to The West Berkshire Food Bank on-line. Thank you.

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Lower Green Triangle

We are now in the fourth year of encouraging and bringing back wild flowers to the Triangle as originally envisaged by Mary Harper and Co over thirty years ago.

Regular readers will recall that we started this effort to save the Triangle and its habitat from the ravages of close mowing and the liberal application of weed killer to the paths and sets which resulted in the near killing of the Copper Beech tree in the centre. As a last ditch attempt to save the tree we have cut out the dead and dying wood and we much just hope that divine intervention allows new life to spring forth.

We have been much encouraged by our success and with the wild flowers. Despite the extremely wet weather, on the plus side we are having a very mild winter resulting in early growth, although a little sunshine would much improve the strength of the plants.

The whites and pale yellows of snowdrops and primroses in early January have been enhanced by the stronger colours of fritillaries, aconites (celandines) and now the blues and purples of crocuses. We are looking forward to the emergence of cowslips, spotted orchids, sainfoin and a wide variety of wild grasses. We are also hoping that a few of the hollyhock seeds will survive. They seem to grow anywhere at the Swan Inn but don’t seem to like the soil at the Triangle.

Please make use of the bench on sunny days – ideal for quiet contemplation while the flower and grasses sway in a gentle breeze.

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Useful links

Many thanks to Tim and Ali des Forges, editors of the Inkpen and Combe bulletin, for providing bulletin copy for this website.  You can contact Tim and Ali by phone or email thus - or ring them on 01488 668496. You can also  download a copy of the Inkpen and Combe bulletin here

To report potholes, go to For other road or pavement issues including overgrown verges, go to

To join Laine's heating oil delivery club, email Lanie.

To report a water leak, go to and for loss of electricity, go to

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