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now and then - retouched

We have in our history group collection, a number of old black and white, and some sepia photos. During this period of Covid-19 lockdown, it seemed like a bit of fun to turn some of these into colour - or at least add a bit of colour.

Images range from 1896, to 1904 Inkpen Primary School pictures, the original Party-in-the-Park, though to the 1906 Inkpen Temperance Band. There are a number of school class images of around 1928, the Inkpen Home Guard and the Inkpen Cricket teams of 1947 and 1952. There's barbecues on ice from the early 1960, the 50th anniversary  of the WI and a few pictures of St Michael's Church. There is even an image celebrating the re-erection of the Gibbet. Just a small selection is displayed below.

Any help in identifying the people pictured would be most welcome. We think we know who some are but your confirmation would be very helpful.

Use the numbered buttons below the following image, to navigate between the ten images available. It takes a while for each image to colourise or improve, so please be patient. Just click the button and wait. It takes a few seconds for each image to be loaded and rendered. Enjoy a view of the phases of Inkpen from over a hundred years ago

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