Some have questioned the approach being taken regarding COVID-19, considering the numbers that die from Flu each year. This is a false comparison. Do not underestimate COVID-19. Some explanation of the difference is given here.

Coronavirus IS IN OUR AREA and the number of infections is increasing rapidly. Please, please, please, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from others and if you are in a vulnerable group, SELF-ISOLATE. The helpers shown on the News page, are there to help you get through self-isolation. Self-isolation and distancing are for YOUR protection and that of OTHERS.

Full Guidance is given here

The Government is now instructing people that they MUST stay at home except for;  shopping for basic necessities,  daily exercise,  any medical need and travelling to and from ESSENTIAL work or activity.  And, you MUST keep your distance when exposed to people that you don't live with.

Gatherings in public of more than two people
are PROHIBITED, except for those living together.

For the latest guidance and information on what to do as a precaution or in the event of getting possible symptoms, go to the News page. If you are in good health, please make sure that any of your neighbours that might be vulnerable to the coronavirus are able to manage and are well, and keep in touch with them regularly. Those already self-isolating and relying on online deliveries for food are currently experiencing a wait of up to 3 weeks, so if you can help them it would surely be much appreciated. If you are aware of someone in Inkpen who is self-isolating but may not be getting help, please contact the clerk to the Parish Council.

Just to reiterate, if you need help and are in self-isolation, the News page provides a list of those offering to help you - take your pick.

If you find yourself stuck indoors, the news page offers loads of advice on resources, something for all ages (well almost), from age 3 upwards.

If you want a breath of fresh air and some exercise, check out the Inkpen walks, but keep your distance from others, that's 6 feet apart in old money. Remember, if you catch the virus you are unable to help others.

Gerald Atkinson suggests the following:

Candles are a symbol of hope, of unity and of prayer. Each Sunday during this emergency, let's put just one lit candle in the front window of each Inkpen home for a couple of hours after dusk. This would display our unity as a village, and represent our thoughts and prayers for those overcome by the Covid-19 virus, and for those putting their own lives at risk caring for them.


Covid-19 scams
There are always people out to exploit the vulnerable, especially at times where peoples attention is diverted to other matters of harm. A number of Covid19 related phishing emails have been reported to Action Fraud. These emails attempt to trick you into opening malicious attachments which could lead to fraudsters stealing your personal information, logins, passwords, or banking details. If you get emails that you aren't sure about, or unknown people phone you or knock on your door, ignore it and please seek advice - go to ActionFraud. If you are using electronic devices that don't have up-to-date virus protection, please get it fixed - if in doubt, talk to one of the helper listed on the News page.

St. Michael's Church and the Coronavirus
In this fast moving situation you will probably have already heard that as from now church worship is cancelled and the church is closed - sad particularly because Mothering Sunday and then Easter Day are just round the corner.

Also on the news page this month there are a number of updates including from the Inkpen Primary School and the pre-school, from the Playing field trust and Village Hall. There's a Police Report covering February. and news of the Gigaclear works taking place around Inkpen.

Climate change issues are taking hold and Inkpen's role in this will be discussed at the Parish Council and the IMPFT meetings. Climate issues haven't gone away and don't deserve a lesser priority even now. Climate change IS a pandemic just as much as COVID 19 is.

inkpen parish council

Parish Council public meetings are, for the time being, suspended. Councillors will conduct their business by email.

Parish Council Information including planning updates, an archive of previous minutes and agendas, and dates for up-coming meetings. In addition, there are updates on environmental issues, library services and services such as high speed broadband.

There's a register of Councillor's details and interests, Council financial reports, details of the Code of Conduct, and application forms for village groups to apply for the limited Parish Council grants.

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